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    Time Crisis 4 Solenoid replacement

    The tc4 slide bracket is different and It wont drop into ant of the other tc guns. I researched quite a bit on the solenoid and cant find anything similar enough to make work but I'm no expert that's why I thought id ask on here because maybe someone else already went down the rabbit hole and...
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    Found cheaper drop-in replacements for Ghost Squad and Time Crisis recoil solenoids

    Any one ever find cheap replacement solenoids for time crisis 4 guns? They are different than TC 1&2
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    Time Crisis 4 Solenoid replacement

    Hey Everyone I've been having a really hard time finding a replacement solenoid to drop into my tc4 guns. I found ones with a quick google search labeled tc4 solenoid. They want 105$ each which seems like way too much. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can just purchase the TDS-10LS...
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    TC4 gun solenoid repair part question

    Hey Everyone, I'm rewiring some tc4 guns and one of them the solenoid isn't working. I'm pretty sure I trace down the culprit but I'm just getting into this stuff and I don't know what the part is called so I was hoping someone could let me know. I'm thinking its a thermal fuse?
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    will the "camera" in the time crisis 4 light gun work with ir recievers?

    Okay. The motion sensor I was going to install is Gravity: IR Positioning Camera For Arduino model SEN0158. Is the TC4 IR motion sensor comparable to that? Would it work the same or is it very different? I'm using Gun4ir Ultra High Power Black LED Sensors to communicate with the light gun. I'd...
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    will the "camera" in the time crisis 4 light gun work with ir recievers?

    will the "camera" in the time crisis 4 light gun work with ir receivers? I bought some time crisis 4 light guns that I plan to rewire to work with the gun4ir receivers that mount to the tv but I cant get the ir positioning cameras because they are all back ordered and was wondering if the ones...