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  1. seifus

    Namco / Taito / Naomi

    Pm sent!
  2. seifus

    SOLD: MP07-IONA JVS Boards

  3. seifus

    FS: Dave's Arcade Storage Bin Pulls Updated 07.15.2022

    Ditto on that last Naomi!
  4. seifus

    FS:Super-x arcade pcb

    Can confirm, lol. Happy everything arrived A-okay. *edited for grammar*
  5. seifus

    Negative feedback (unfortunately) for qushuang

    Sounds like the boards are more resilient than the housings! I wasn't willing to accept it, but Aliexpress wasn't fond of me sending it return. The 80$ shipping probably didn't convince them lol. So instead they did a partial refund, and i keep the broken board. Funny enough, you practically...
  6. seifus

    WTB: CPS2 A+B for multi

    Hi, Looking for a reasonably priced CPS2. Game itself can be whatever, as long as both boards are functioning. Ideally a housing that isn't damaged, as I'm looking to do a full respray and relabel to have this up-front and center, mated to a CBOX. If by some miracle, all of this sounds...
  7. seifus

    Negative feedback (unfortunately) for qushuang

    I've already started the process and really glad to hear that! I've purchased quite a bit on Aliexpress and never returned anything, so I'm sure they'd be reasonable with their policy. But this makes me glad to hear! Now the challenge is finding a cheap donor CPS2 board for my multi 😁
  8. seifus

    FS:CPS2 PCB with shell,test ok

    Sorry to hear about your dead board, but I appreciate the guidance. I will do exactly that
  9. seifus

    Negative feedback (unfortunately) for qushuang

    If the packaging had any reasonable amount of effort put into it, I would be less upset. But this was done in 30 seconds with attempts at making sure it arrives in one piece. Sad to hear about your CPS2. Someone needs to start an injection molded run for housings for these things.
  10. seifus

    Negative feedback (unfortunately) for qushuang

    Hi all, I've had nothing but positive experiences so far on this forum, and this truly is a wonderful collection of people. I tend to stay away from AliExpress style listing, but needed a donor board for my CPS2 Multi. Ended up buying one from this thread...
  11. seifus

    FS:CPS2 PCB with shell,test ok

    After receiving my CPS2, I can advise most others on here, to exercise caution, when purchasing from this seller. I'm extremely disappointed to receive a box with significant rattling today, and open it up find the following inside. Not even a marginal attempt was made to keep this unit safe...
  12. seifus

    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    Do post your results! I've been looking at setting up the same very soon.
  13. seifus

    MVS game card

    Can I grab metal slug ?
  14. seifus

    MVS game card

    Anything left?
  15. seifus

    Naomi motherboard logo sticker ?

    Hi, Is it possible to get any shipped out to the Middle East? I have a very sad Naomi with a yellow-y sticker.
  16. seifus

    Hey (hola) to everyone from Spain!

  17. seifus


    Great condition board! Wish i could afford it / lived in the CONUS 😁
  18. seifus

    Salutations from the United Arab Emirates!

    Japan is even cooler than the UAE! Thanks for the welcome. This truly is a lovely corner of the internet.