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  1. Narugawa

    Hello from Germany!

    Welcome :)
  2. Narugawa

    MvC 1 scans request

    here some: and here:
  3. Narugawa

    Sega Lindbergh custom arts

    Here some custom arts i made from pictures i found on my internet friend (sorry by advance for the copyright issue etc...): i will post every topper/instructs i made here, originaly it was for the lindys at the Geekroom in France BlazeBlue Chronophantasma topper (instructs soon)...
  4. Narugawa

    Hello from Finland

    welcome mate :)
  5. Narugawa


    Welcome bro'
  6. Narugawa

    Y2 kof02 revenge Road To Revenge just has some tweaked graphics (title screen, character select screen, lifebars etc) but nothing that affects gameplay.
  7. Narugawa

    Hey! From France

    Welcome mate !
  8. Narugawa

    Hi from California

    Welcome Mine ! Nice prez :)
  9. Narugawa

    FS:money puzzle exchanger

    Even if it's convert, amazing puzzle game for a great price, go for it :D
  10. Narugawa

    Noob 246 power question.

    If i remember correctly the power connector is not reversed on the 246 compared to 256 so careful the 12v and 5v are not in the same position.
  11. Narugawa

    Looking for Batsugun and Gokujō Parodius flyer

    Batsugun on (good source for finding some pics) and sometime (not this time) you can also look on And i also look on (good search engine for pics)
  12. Narugawa

    Sega Lindbergh Toshiba P320CB issue

    Ho it was my screen few days ago, so you are the one having it ^^ yes apparently it is fixable, probably the TCON Board
  13. Narugawa

    Ringedge 2 1080P?

    Yes, need to play with the dip switch: 640*480 5 ON 1024*600 6 ON 1024*768 5+6 ON 1280*720 7 ON 1280*1024 5+7 ON 1360*768 6+7 ON 1920*1080 5+6+7 ON
  14. Narugawa

    Yo !

    Love almost everything related to arcade, sadly more repairing than playing (like the most of you ^^). Here my actuals machine: Have a nice one ! Thanks !