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  1. kingau

    Non working 25'' CRT... Only 50 bucks!

    It's not a 29" It's a 25"
  2. kingau

    Non working 25'' CRT... Only 50 bucks!

    This is a 25'' Nanao 8 crt Not working- $50 Pick up only! You can use it for parts, swap tubes or have it repaired. it needs a full cap kit, and yoke adjustment. I got too many projects at the moment... and don't have time to repair it.
  3. kingau

    Positive feedback for Channelmaniac

    @channelmaniac is a legend! Buy with confidents, fast shipping and well pack... If we could give a rating it's 5 Stars:thumbup: all the way.
  4. kingau

    Large board sale... over 100 PCBs

    I got mine today as well, it was sent out Saturday... The packaging is superb!
  5. kingau

    Vewlix Versus Cabinet with MvsC2?

    Yes it's possible, you just have to wire it up... very easy!
  6. kingau

    Hello from Dubai 🐪 🌴

    Welcome... Awesome collection!
  7. kingau

    Futari BL Art Repro or Scans?

    I think I got an extra set… pm me if your still interested.
  8. kingau

    Hey Everyone!

    Welcome! I'm from LES, I have been lived in Queens for a minute now. To me... one of the best cabs is a blast city, it can do 31k or 15k. Make suer you know what cab you want, and go for it. Feel free to ask any questions :thumbup:
  9. kingau

    What’s wrong with my monitor (video)?

    Here's a link of Mike repair vlog... lots of great tips and info! View:
  10. kingau

    What’s wrong with my monitor (video)?

    The button should be inside the coin door next to the service button, if not then it does it automatic every time you turn on the machine. A cap kit will fix your screen issues... here's a link of a cap kit...
  11. kingau

    What’s wrong with my monitor (video)?

    That black wire it your degauss wire, looks like you need to replace your caps. do you have a degauss button on your machine?
  12. kingau

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome! Congrats on getting a DE-10 nano, I remember when I joined this hobby years ago. Wait till you get your first cab or sony pvm, it's going to feel magical. don't hesitate to ask questions or help.
  13. kingau

    Neo-19 Cabinet RE-Production

    @hursit You can count on me for support, let me know how I can help.
  14. kingau

    Good source (USA) for MVS cart shells that are the correct size?

    I bought from them before, the quality is the same as the original shells just different screws.
  15. kingau

    [SOLD]: Ninja Gaiden pcb

    PM sent
  16. kingau

    Hello from Japan