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  1. nassekova

    Disassembling cabinets

    So let's get the good news out first: After almost a year of hunting, we finally found a bigger house! It's and old " after war" house which was the type we were looking, and it has had all the major renovations done recently (plumbing, electrics, sewers, subsurface drainage etc. ) so only some...
  2. nassekova

    WTB/WTT: Mushihimesama

    My PS2 has some controller problems and got tired of setting JAMMACON all the time to my BlastCity, so I'm looking for a real_deal Cave Mushihimesama PCB. Can be boxed/CIB too but plain PCB is also fine. For trade I have freshly cleaned and re-capped quality Philko bootlegs: R-Type Legend Of...
  3. nassekova

    TMNT Turtles In Time horizontal stripes

    I have a TiT board which have had these weird horizontal stripes from the beginning. At first it took some time for them to appear, but now they come straight from the start. See the video to get a good idea of the problem. Game itself plays fine. View: What have...
  4. nassekova

    BetsuBetsu Streaming/recording audio+video splitter for JAMMA

    First and foremost: I did not invent this or had anything to do with R&D of it. This open source product is designed by @buffi so lets give credit where credit is due! This is awesome little pease of hardware which splits RGB video and line level audio without interfering the game signals from...
  5. nassekova

    IGS PGM Button mapping

    I have my IGS PGM working fine, but for some reason coin button does not work on it. When I was playing with HAS and external joystick, it was not that big of a deal, but now when I have the Blast City I would like to get the coin mech to work with it. Right now "service" button adds coin and...
  6. nassekova

    Fixing my Oriental Legend

    So I had this Oriental Legend cart which had graphical glitches all over it. Game plays just fine but graphics are garbage. I'm not that much of a beat 'em up guy, but since I got nothing better to do i decided to give it a go. Boot screen at first At first I checked all four EPROM's agains...
  7. nassekova

    Found: Espgaluda 2

    Basically any version or kit can be potential if the price is right! Ideal would be 1.5 full kit, but just loose PCB suits me too. Also "Another version" could fit my needs, so let me know if you have any for sell. EU location preferred due the high customs outside, but if good set in good...
  8. nassekova

    Is this game bootleg or legit?

    I was offered this Power Instinct pcb. It says Atlus on it and JAMMA edge seems to have the key, but seller told me that he does not know if it is a bootleg or not. I have seen different kind original US PCB, but could this be some other country variant? Or is it clearly bootleg?
  9. nassekova

    Is this VIMANA artwork signed?

    So I got Vimana with original Japanese marquee art. Noticed later that the poster has some pen writing on it. I had my friends wife (she is Japanese) try to translate what it says. She was not complete sure, but guessed it might be signed by "Imamatsu". I then went to Wikipedia, but it seems...
  10. nassekova

    SOLD Twinbee Yahho! (not working)

    I bought this in two pieces and at first it worked just fine. After a while it started to glitch so I recapped it. Then it worked again and played it through once. Now when I was thinking to sell it and tested it, those glitches are back... :cursing: Well that been said, I kind of lost all...
  11. nassekova

    DoDonPachi DaiOuJou conversion graphical glitches

    I bought all three conversion from sheep_nova and they worked just fine in the beginning. But now my ddp has developed some kind of graphical glitch :( I have cleaned all the contacts with IPA and I have the better version of IGS PGM which has contacts on both sides. Tried to reflow some of...
  12. nassekova

    WTB Original Tekken Marquee

    I just bought an original Tekken cabinet (First cabinet ) but it's missing the marquee. So if anyone has extra, or sees someone selling it, please let me know :thumbup: I know there are few kind of marquees but I am mainly looking for one exactly like in this picture.
  13. nassekova

    Twinbee Yahho! + Konami GX (Model 2)

    I recently bought these two from different sellers and both were sold in good working condition. And they were that! I have a custom that I usually just test the board that it works and then recap it. I have had so many faulty capacitors on my retro consoles, some handle them better and some...
  14. nassekova

    Dodonpachi 2 - Bee Storm troubleshooting

    I got this "untested" Bee Storm and it seems to have something wrong. At first I just cleaned the contacts and it booted to red or grey screen. Once I got it to boot on this weird symbol. Today I started to work with it properly so I - Opened it up. Cleaned the contacts good and checked them...
  15. nassekova

    Sengoku Blade / Tengai missing capacitor

    I bought a Tengai PCB from this forum and got a video where it is up and running and it all looked good. Today when the courier got me the PCB, first thing I noticed is that it misses a large capacitor ?( I mean, this is usually stuff you inform when you are selling boards or is it custom in...
  16. nassekova

    Troubleshooting bootleg Mortal Kombat

    I got this bootleg MK1 while ago. When I connect it to my HAS supergun, it pulls some current, but OSSC says NO SYNC || I have fully re-capped it and tried to look for any broken traces or legs, but don't see any. Today I measured those cables that go from JAMMA +5V to the board. They seem to...
  17. nassekova

    WTB: Arcade PCBs, Some PGM games etc.

    My "wanted" topic! EU location preferred, but if the price is right I'm willing to go over seas. :thumbup: Arcade PCB (No bootlegs): - Mortal Kombat 2 Mainly looking for a good condition stuff, but cheap pcbs with low sound, flickering picture (basically if it looks like a "old capacitors"...
  18. nassekova

    Neo Geo MVS, LEGO Jokers Lair Edition

    So I had a Neo Geo MVC with just its black plastic case and I was thinking to make a wooden one. But after I could not find a case or model good enough (in my mind), I went to my sons room and noticed some Batman Legos there :rolleyes: So here it is! Neo Geo MVS-C, LEGO Jokers Lair Edition :P...
  19. nassekova

    WTB: CPS2 B Board for Darksoft multi.

    I'm looking for a CPS2 set to install Darksoft Multi on it. Would prefer setup with a working A board and "suicided" B board (cheapest combo). If you have an extra CPS2 kit with Darksoft multi already installed on it, that would work too, but I won't be paying Ebay prices (1000usd etc.). Casing...