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  1. loegan43

    Wassup from California —->> CPS3 3rd Strike build

    Welcome and congrats on grabbing a 3rd Strike setup.
  2. loegan43

    Greetings from SoCal

  3. loegan43

    Hello from LA

    Welcome! Good luck in your search!
  4. loegan43

    Positive feedback for MmSadda

    Always a great guy to deal with.
  5. loegan43

    Found: Cps2 A board

    Sent you a PM.
  6. loegan43

    Hey from SoCal

  7. loegan43

    hello from CA

    Awesome and welcome! Street Fighter and Neo Geo games are the gateway drug into this hobby. :)
  8. loegan43

    Hello from SoCal. Diving back in, after a long absence :)

    Glad to see you back Tom and can't wait for another one of your meet ups.
  9. loegan43

    Another SoCal Hello!

  10. loegan43

    WTB: MegaMan the Power Battle/fighters

    Bought it a few years back in a lot of CPS2 boards. This is the second one I've owned.
  11. loegan43

    WTB: MegaMan the Power Battle/fighters

    I have a yellow CPS2 rental board of Mega Man the Power Battle. I'll snap a few pictures to send to you.
  12. loegan43

    Hello from SoCal

    Great to see another SoCal arcade enthusiast. Welcome!
  13. loegan43

    Hello from Southern California!

    welcome Dana!
  14. loegan43

    Wtb Super turbo cps2

    Sent you a PM
  15. loegan43

    Hello from the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metromess :)

    Awesome to see you here RJ! Always appreciate seeing your board repair efforts and help and guidance to those in the community
  16. loegan43

    FOUND: CPS3 motherboard

    Sent you a PM
  17. loegan43

    WTB: Battery Damaged CPS2 B Boards

    Sent you a PM
  18. loegan43

    Hi from California

    Welcome! Sports Shooting USA is a great game. I remember they used to have one and a Extreme Hunting 2 in upright AW cabs at Bass Pro Shops.