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  1. hrvat9

    SOLD Shmup pcb lot + 1 extra

    Got a lot of 4 pcbs that do nothing but black screen and one that boots to a garbled mess and stays there. All boards are super clean with no repairs done. I’d prefer to sell them as a lot to someone who will fix them/ knows how to get them going again and not split them up Seibu Raiden : black...
  2. hrvat9

    WTB: sh-2 and psikyo custom chip

    My strikers lll needs both apparently. They get burning hot to the touch as soon as it’s powered on. Anyone have spares on dead boards that theyll sell to me ?
  3. hrvat9

    WTB: Dodonpachi and DDP DOJ

    anyone got either of the two? What are they going for these days?
  4. hrvat9

    NAC power supply 400-5261-01x power button

    I got a NAC with a power supply that doesn’t have a power button or a degauss button. I have sourced the button but does anyone know what power switch it is? Or can I stick any 4 pole on off switch in here ?
  5. hrvat9

    Hitachi a68ksa30x Ms9-29su yoke for sale

    Tube was trashed so I saved the yoke and rings and all $50us plus shipping
  6. hrvat9

    SOLD Jaleco EDF - Earth defence force pcb

    Earth defence force for sale Super clean pcb, super clean labels and plays perfect. $400usd plus shipping. PayPal friends and fam or add 4%. Just recently shipped a pcb to Spain for 60 bucks so it’s not bad.
  7. hrvat9

    246 rack (c) assy disc drive

    I’m just wondering if this is a normal occurrence and if someone else can repeat it. My 246 with Gundam once in a while turns on and runs and either runs good or freezes. But I think the main reason why it doesn’t run is this ; when I unplug the ribbon cable from the CD drive it starts to work...
  8. hrvat9

    Wtb: sega megalo 410

    Looking for one of these bad boys Anyone selling ?:) Project and complete plz
  9. hrvat9

    Toaplan Outzone pcb won’t coin up

    I got this outzone that doesn’t coin up. But if I jump the coin switch on the Jamma connector it coins up. It’s not the NAC , because all my other games coin up and pressing the service button on my power supply coins it up. also in test mode, it shows the coin 1 switch is always on. Where do I...
  10. hrvat9

    Irem major title 2, but plays the skins game?

    I got a m92 irem major title 2(as per the sticker on the top board) but it plays the skins game. Is the a simple jumper switch type of deal for country? Or rom burning ? just curious as to why it’s not the jap game playing. It has all the jumpers in place for major title 2 also, it is missing...
  11. hrvat9

    Wanted : initial d 3 seat art

    Looking for the seat art from initial d version 3 Possibly the side cabinet art too
  12. hrvat9

    Psikyo strikers 1999 dead:(

    I got a strikers 1999 pcb that looks clean but boots to nothing. The sh2 and Psikyo custom get pretty dam hot and quick. I had a friend check the clock signal with his oscilloscope quickly one day and he said there’s nothing. Today I had another friend who does surface mount work check the sh2...
  13. hrvat9

    Striker 1999 dead, black screen

    First time poster here ! I got a strikers 1999 pcb that I got that’s conpletely dead , just black screens. I saw somewhere on the web that someone’s 1999 pcb wouldn’t work unless power cycled a couple of times , so I tried that but no luck. I touched the sh2 chip and it was on FIRE. same with...