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    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    Kept my word and placed my order for 2 can’t wait!
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    Why haven't you Pre-Ordered a Capcom Spinner yet?

    I’m still going to get it but timing was rough with me just spending $750 on a multi.
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    If anybody is looking for a case from jasen’s custom sign up here
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    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    It does suck people didn’t buy it I bet if @Darksoft made it limited time only 1 time run everybody would go crazy for it and complain they weren’t able to get one. You really can’t please anyone these days always looking for an excuse or something to complain about something.
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Glad to see your ok. Can I get on the list for a Cbox?
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Tried the PayPal credit also it worked for me
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    (Sales Thread) SEGA I/O adapter for Vewlix cabinets he has some available here. I think @Arthrimus is taking a break at the moment.
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    [FS] Darksoft multilabels + MVS marquee

    If he doesn’t get back to you @djsheep might have some still check him out
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    HSS Order # 41154 Interest Check # 408
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    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I can’t wait it’s a must buy for me.
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    Feedback for MathewBeall

    Matt is as legit as they come.Would recommend!
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    Interest Check: Darksoft Naomi Multi Flash Cart- Unofficial

    Put me down for 2 if this ever happens
  13. P - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup

    Yeah he said wednesday evening you guys better hurry up!
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    Nesica panel repro surround + reader housing

    Put me down for the blue please
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    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    What’s the time frame you think until these release?
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    If I were you I’d stop before the thread closes again let’s just move on. This is an amazing project!
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    New JAMMA Kit for Vewlix (and more!) - Universal JAMMA Interface

    Any idea what the price for these will go for or at least an estimate?