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  1. Johnfan1986

    SOLD-CPS1.5 Warriors of Fate (JP Version and only B board desuicide battery)

    I have an extra CPS1.5 board would like to sell. Good condition, All original roms (Good seals), 100% working, JP version, B board desuicide battery, original C board (swap the battery on 5/5/2022), good Q sound + art set (Copy) US $800. For more PICs, please click the following link...
  2. Johnfan1986

    For Asking the Occupied

    I know you provide many good title boards with good price. I don't know the violation of the selling rules and regulations. Someone posted many threads in one area. It seems to be intentionally occupied the thread that affects other members to sell and look for some arcade PCB. Sorry for...
  3. Johnfan1986

    Positive Feedback for Caius

    I have to give the great appreciate to @caius Very kind professional games' engineer. Thank you so much for the reproduction of Konami sound module and technical support!:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  4. Johnfan1986

    Positive Feedback for AMS

    Supportive and helpful of the shipping and TTx4 Setting. Remarkable :thumbup:
  5. Johnfan1986

    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    I want to downsize my arcade pcb collection. The following items will be sold: 1.Cave - Mushihime Sama Futari ver.1.5 (JP) US $2600. US $2300 - Original JP version set, Mint condition with Original Flyers and artworks, excellent for the collection used. Working perfectly. Here is the pics and...
  6. Johnfan1986

    Positive Feedback for Mitsurugi

    Helping me to make the M72 Multi efficiency! Response the message, shipping the multi very fast and safe. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  7. Johnfan1986

    Arcade1up x Taito Type X 2

    This is my first arcade1up modding with TTX2 multi games. It's a wonderful experience for me to install one big device inside the arcade cabinet. Also, I added the OSSC for the scan lines experience. The details of modding: HDMI converter, Coins door, OSSC, light buttons, Capcom impress...
  8. Johnfan1986

    1st time to make the Multi - Kit

    This is my 1st time to make the darksoft cps2 multi kit. It is not too difficult. I painted the B board with custom color before I got the kit. However, I encountered the problem was "SD card undetected". I was struggling 2 hours. Luckily, Mitsurugi-w was very nice to give me the advice. I could...
  9. Johnfan1986

    Hello ! From HK

    Hi Everyone , Bros! I'm John, Nice to join the biggest arcade's family. I 'm really appreciated the former of the forum. I watched and read some projects and videos from Mitsurugi-w. It's fabulous and fantastic. I love CPS and SNK's games. I also ordered the CPS2 darksoft's multi kit and waiting...