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  1. iGaroux

    WTB Supergun

    Looking for mostly the older all in ones. Pana twin,Sigma Raijin.
  2. iGaroux

    Hello from Portugal

    yes high score girl :thumbup:
  3. iGaroux

    PC/FS Pioneer Laseractive with PC engine Pak

    @the Goat in the city. Price isn't finalized open to offers :]
  4. iGaroux

    PC/FS Pioneer Laseractive with PC engine Pak

    selling my Laseractive with PC engine pak! No space to set it up and join it. Just recently had the lens switched and its clean inside and out. The body has some scuff here and there nothing crazy. Can send some extra photos of the body when I can! Remote works but has a piece missing. And has...
  5. iGaroux

    Doing multi jamma

    you are the man! (Or woman)
  6. iGaroux

    Doing multi jamma

    amazing thanks! Now how do I go about the kick harness? 8|
  7. iGaroux

    Doing multi jamma

    I have a mk4 cab looking to add umk3 as well without having too switch up boards all the time. Is there a good jamma switcher that I can use for this setup? How could I do the kickharness as well thanks !
  8. iGaroux

    UMK3 Top & Bottom Plates From Lions3

    just picked one up and dont even own the game :D Hopefully lion makes one for mk4
  9. iGaroux

    FS: PC9801 Computer, PC9821 Computer, Fm Towns II Computer

    damnit why now when I'm in the middle of moving ;( lol always wanted one of these guys.
  10. iGaroux

    WTB jackie chan fist of fire plus questions

    anybody have this game? I heard it's pretty rare but that doesn't always translate to expensive. Could this game be converted from another Kaneko game?
  11. iGaroux

    WTB replacement tube

    no luck anybody lol.
  12. iGaroux

    WTB replacement tube

    I have a hotd cab that needs a new monitor the chassis on it is a nanao 05u02037 just looking for a drop in replacement I had the chassis rebuilt recently it's a 25inch monitor. I'm in nyc can try to pick up unless someone with experience shipping monitors can help thanks!
  13. iGaroux

    Sold Sega system 18 pcb non working

    working rom board with new caps try getting it to work but nothing it turns on and all but when you play it freezes on a input not sure why but no time to figure it out and comes with a dead hitachi chip and two eprom for D.D crew Looks like it had a damage trace (white wire on the back) All...
  14. iGaroux

    Groove Coaster Time Limit

    if it's the same as the konami cabs if you go to the test menu there should be a option that says event and game choice event
  15. iGaroux

    SOLD: Taiko no Tatsujin 5

    most people say that and nothing doesnt fit through my door unless I'm bad at tetris
  16. iGaroux

    SOLD: Taiko no Tatsujin 5

    do you happen to know the dimensions of this cab without the artwork and stuff? Saw some for sale trying to see if it will fit :thumbsup:
  17. iGaroux

    SOLD - Taito Vewlix Jamma Kit NIB

    Only know one person in NYC with one......
  18. iGaroux


    all bemani games require a internet connection to konami servers to work. Or patch the game to work offline. I think his are offline already.
  19. iGaroux

    SOLD Sega Blast city panel

    selling my last one was going to keep it for a project but not gonna happen !