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  1. Neodogg

    My build of Capcom BigBlue

    Looks great! I plan on doing this with a Neo Geo 2-slot
  2. Neodogg

    Strikers 1945

    1945 $180
  3. Neodogg

    ☘️FS: Sony PVM 2730 QM RGB SCART 5x Units☘️sold!!!!!

    I think @West likes both his kidneys!
  4. Neodogg

    FS: Video Wall -Neo Geo🔥

    Looks cool but those “lines”… Why this over a projector?
  5. Neodogg

    The Retro Mac Thread

    I don’t know if this is old enough but I’ve been quarantining in the basement the last couple days, had some time to go through some old boxes and found my G3 PowerBook! Battery doesn’t hold a charge but it boots up to 9.1 and can still play Quake!
  6. Neodogg

    Hi everybody, I'm not the roker.

    Hmm…I know a roker…
  7. Neodogg

    Wtb Capcom ZN2 mobo
  8. Neodogg

    Seeking custom harness maker (Naomi 2/Capcom I/O)

    @Lemony Vengeance
  9. Neodogg

    Is anyone still making/selling Naomi CF kits?
  10. Neodogg

    FS- MAS Supernova + 2 sticks

    Looks good, brings back some good memories!
  11. Neodogg

    Connector for this super gun’s power?

    I’d just solder in your own power harness/molex adapter…
  12. Neodogg

    FS - eBay listing 5/8/22

    Retro access made me one also and I could get it to work correctly either…
  13. Neodogg

    FS - eBay listing 5/8/22

    Would your 34pin cable the DM2600 work on a Sony ProFeel?
  14. Neodogg

    SOLD: Buttons, ball tops, and other bits for Vewlix and others

    Everyone can rest easy now…I’ve got some ballz coming my way…
  15. Neodogg


    Good to hear you’re doing better!
  16. Neodogg

    SOLD: Buttons, ball tops, and other bits for Vewlix and others

    DM sent for your blue ballz…