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    Kraut Buster Grey Spine MVS Insert?

    So, I’ve got my small collection of MVS games in shock boxes, and I’ve chosen the cover inserts so that they all have the uniform grey spine. I also have two NG Dev games (Fast Striker and Kraut Buster) that both have full art covers including the spine. All well and good. However, I recently...
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    Espgaluda II - PCB

    Espgaluda II, PCB only as I’m trying to save a few quid, and ideally in the UK to avoid import tax. I’ve seen the couple of kits available, but if I can save £500+ buy getting a straight PCB, that’s definitely my preference!
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    U4 modifications

    This is all posted elsewhere on the interwebs, but I'm making a conscious effort to contribute here rather than just surf the Marketplace forum... So I picked up a U4 some time ago in decent condition, but needed a little TLC. I've always wanted one with a chrome CP, but could never find one...
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    Game Select Unit for Darksoft CPS2

    Hi all, Sadly I have a Darksoft CPS2 Multi that has an LCD unit with both a knackered button, and a knackered LCD. I have confirmed that the fault is strictly with the game select control unit and as I have a second Multi (Don’t ask!) and swapping the control unit from the other multi works...
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    Electrocoin 6 Slot Restore

    *Edit* I think I'll have to split this over multiple posts as each post has an image limit... This is posted elsewhere on the interwebs, but someone recently made a good point about people using the marketplace but not otherwise contributing to the forum, so I thought I'd put this up here too...
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    Positive feedback for mltv

    I bought a partial Fast Striker kit from mltv. After it was advertised he was quick to reduce the price to what I thought was fair and I got in touch. Good, timely, and friendly communications. The package turned up quickly, well packaged, and as described. Happy customer.
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    WTB: CPS2 multi case

    So I tried to buy one of the TR Fight Sticks CPS2 cases, but sadly they are gone for good. Obviously the Jansens Customs cases have been out of production for a while too… Does anyone have a really good condition example of either of these cases they’d part with, or does anyone know of any...
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    WTB: SNK U4 Coin Entry (both parts)

    Hi, I’m desperately seeking a U4 coin entry and reject button as per the image below. Cheers :)
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    WTB: ESP Ra.De.

    Hey all… Looking for this PCB, ideally in the UK if possible. If you’ve got one gathering dust, give me a shout. I’ve got my eye on it being my first Cave 1cc, though if my MAME efforts are anything to go by, it won’t be any time soon!