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    PVM-8040 V. linearity adjustment maxed

    I hope this is the right place to ask questions about PVM servicing and adjustments. I picked up a PVM-8040, which is an 8" lower end PVM with no service menu I believe. All the geometry adjustments are done with pots. I pulled up the grid using 240p suite, and the squares at the bottom are...
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    Positive feedback for neSneSgB

    neSneSgB Honest, easy to deal with, kept me up to date on shipment, fast shipping, item as described and packed very well, worked perfectly.
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    WTB: System 16B SEGA custom chip sockets

    I need the socket for the SEGA 315-519x custom chips on the System 16B board. I suspect one of my chip is bad but I don't want to solder the new chip on to the A board without a socket.
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    Tetris 16b white screen on boot

    I picked up 2 Tetris 16B boards, one with rom one without, both have encrypted CPU. On the complete kit, everything works. I swapped the Tetris ROM board over to the other 16B, all I get is a white screen with some pink or magenta vertical lines here and there. I awaited a bit to see if there...
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    [Found] WTB: JROK or Jeff Kurtz's Neobitz RGB to composite NTSC encoder

    If you've got one collecting dust, I'll take it off your hands.
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    1943 with bad sprites

    So I picked up a mostly functional 1943 PCB that I want to fix. All the sprites in the game look like they've been chopped vertically and then each stripe offset of each other. For example the P-38 would be chopped into maybe 8 strips, with even numbered strips shifted up, and odd numbered...
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    Pulstar and Ironclad conversions help

    Based on what I've learned from these 2 threads and Mike McBike's conversion posts, I think I'm ready to order EPROMs for my conversion. These are for personal use, and donors are loose carts with beat up shell and torn label. They're more for technical reasons than playing the games themselves...
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    NEO-SDR-T vendor or replacement?

    So I think I broke my MV1B while recapping, I lost all sound afterwards, not sure how, maybe excessive heat? There's no sound out of op amp, DAC or pin 31 on 2610, everything else still works. I've been trying to get it working while parts slowly trickle in. My current working theory is that...
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    SRAM supplier for backup RAM

    Anyone have an US source for new (preferably) or maybe even used SRAM? I've got a MV1 with bad backup RAM. Dev wiki says I need 62256, 43256, cxk58257 type SRAM in SOIC28 package. Checking on digikey, the only one available has a minimum order of 76 :) Arrow has nothing. Mouser only has SOP28...
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    MV1B audio help, left channel lower volume

    So my MV1B finally arrived and everything seems to be working properly. Audio is low and the trimmer pot for volume is scratchy, but since I will be modding it for stereo, I didn't mind it. I'm using an ebay Supergun by this seller neojamma that RGB Bob mentioned in his blog. I also got his...
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    Mean Well RT-85A making high pitched noise

    So I picked up a mean well RT-85A power supply per suggestions from retroRBG. First one would pulse on and off at 1hz, 2nd one turns on, but has a high pitched whine. Come to think of it, the 1st one had the whine during the pulses too. Has anyone noticed this? It's annoying enough that if I...
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    Neo Geo CD Controller conversion

    Looking on ebay for used Neo Geo CD controllers, they average $60+ and I don't really know their condition until I get them in my hands. On the other hand, brand new Neo Geo Mini controllers are $25 and guaranteed to be fresh. Has anyone tried both and found them to be similar in tactile feel...