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  1. Magus Incognito

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Any news on this update? Looking forward to picking one of these up when they become available again 😉
  2. Magus Incognito

    Taito Vewlix "Proper Acrylic" Marquee Preorder (CLOSED) Successfully Funded

    @Derick2k howz the progress on this project coming along?
  3. Magus Incognito

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Don’t be embarrassed, everyone starts somewhere ;)
  4. Magus Incognito

    Vewlix Side Decal Artwork (for all models from F to SFV CE version)

    I’d definitely be interested in a set as well!!!
  5. Magus Incognito

    Darksoft's MultiMVS Latest Firmware, Menu and Instructions

    Where would one find a list of all the supported roms for the most current firmware and the correct naming of all those folders??? Thanks in advance!
  6. Magus Incognito

    Positive feedback for socalcade

    Leaving positive feedback for @socalcade. I purchased a Nesica RFID for my Taito X2 from him and it arrived in good working condition as advertised. Socalcade was super chill and easy to deal with. Thanks again!
  7. Magus Incognito

    Vewlix console IO & Nesica card readers

    Still have the Vewlix console IO pcb v3 available?
  8. Magus Incognito

    WTB: Nesica RFID for Taito Type X2

    Looking to see if anyone has a spare Nesica RFID card reader they’d be willing to sell me for my Taito Type X2. Thanks for looking!
  9. Magus Incognito

    This is an X2 PSU, right?

    @rewrite I know it’s a long shot, but do you still have this TTX2 PSU for sale???
  10. Magus Incognito

    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    Just want to update the GDU driver
  11. Magus Incognito

    New Puyo Pop Fever game (world/english version of japanese Puyo Puyo Fever)

    @Darksoft Works for me now as well. Thank you for the reply :)
  12. Magus Incognito

    Taito Type X2 Upgrades and Mods

    @Murray Thanks a lot for sharing your work on this! Unfortunately the Mega link is down :( Is there a new link somewhere???
  13. Magus Incognito

    Deathsmiles 2

    After going back and rereading the previous posts, it sounds like it must be the Namco I/O. I’m assuming everyone else here who can’t get it to work, are all using Namco I/O boards?? Bummer it doesn’t work with the FIO. Hopefully someone with the skills and interest will figure it out someday.
  14. Magus Incognito

    Deathsmiles 2

    Yeah no FIO support for Deathsmiles 2, only JVS
  15. Magus Incognito

    Another SoCal native

    Yeah, it’s definitely a cool album. I dig the cover art as well, in case anyone couldn’t tell ;) Now I’ll have to listen to it again here soon too, it’s been a while. Jealous you have the lp, I just have my digital rip from the cd. Takes me back to my days of following Buckethead and seeing as...
  16. Magus Incognito

    Another SoCal native

    I just strongly feel that those types of comments and behavior is uncalled for & shameful, as well as anyone who tries to defend it. I also find it very disappointing that some people appear more offended by my feeling that this type of behavior is shameful, than by the hateful, inappropriate...
  17. Magus Incognito

    Another SoCal native

    I highly doubt your comment and wink emoji were implying your ability to foresee gun and ammo prices going up. Shame on you for your attitude, comments and pathetic apology/excuse! That type attitude is sickening. Sad