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  1. BlinG

    Taito Stools and Benches Group Order - NorCal - DEADLINE 8/15

    Not a problem. I have been using my 43cm stools for my vewlix and it has been fine. Just thought having a 48 would be more convenient
  2. BlinG

    Taito Stools and Benches Group Order - NorCal - DEADLINE 8/15

    I am one of the few who wants a 48cm stool. I only need 1 though. Let me know if it’s feasible to ship to AZ
  3. BlinG

    UD-USB Decoders

    Also would like to know if the new Hori PS5 fightstick works with these in PS4 mode?
  4. BlinG

    Aje_fr: Multi CPS-2 Black

    I always preferred the CPS2 black due to it's size and not requiring an A-board. Wish I never sold all my black boards or at least kept 1 had I known someone was working on a multi for it.
  5. BlinG

    Vewlix FC sanwa monitor, rapid burn in?

    That monitor is just a crap monitor all together. I think it has very low lag, but that's pretty much all it has going for itself. I took mine out the moment I brought home my FC and replaced it with an LG monitor that supports 2k!
  6. BlinG

    Lady Galaga here, hailing all the way from South Carolina!

    I think it was a jab at Japanese cabinets and that they all look like washing machines? I dunno I think the rhythm game maimai is the only one that resembles a wash machine
  7. BlinG

    Mounting a Naomi and a CPS2 in a Blast City

    I use the vs kit in this cabinet for player 2. I sorta just threw in my Naomi board and half assed the connections to get a quick photo for reference. You can get 31khz running from the IO to the Naomi with an hd15 cable though.
  8. BlinG

    Mounting a Naomi and a CPS2 in a Blast City

    Nice! Glad it worked out
  9. BlinG

    Mounting a Naomi and a CPS2 in a Blast City

    If you mount the SEGA IO horizontally above the namoi you won't be pinching the jamma harness with the service door.
  10. BlinG

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    It doesn't include the drill bit. You'll need to provide your own if you decide to use the m4 screws it comes with.
  11. BlinG

    FS: Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    I am going to pass on this. I recently purchased a Vewlix and was told the LED light bar was not working. So I wanted to be prepped for this and put my name on the list. Well when I took the vewlix home, it turns out the connector was just disconnected. Thanks for making these for the community!
  12. BlinG

    Converting GDROM NAOMI games to cart.

    Yes. The file to burn is located here.
  13. BlinG

    Blast City Monitor issues and Naomi2 netdimm power

    Depending on what chassis you got in there, there's a horizontal limit setting you need to adjust. On the nanao 2930 there's a pot on the chassis that you can adjust for the limit. On the 2931 I believe you need to get into "extended menu" to adjust, but I am not 100% sure. The netdimm is...
  14. BlinG

    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    There's 3 screws holding in the brackets. To get to the 3rd screw you need to seperate the cabinet into two pieces, which is a huge chore. Just take the two screws off that you can get to and slightly bend the bracket away from the speaker and they should slide out.
  15. BlinG

    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    for a set aura speakers (4) including shipping it is $42.87. I feel this is much cheaper than paying potentially $80 dollars for 1 used speaker from Yaton
  16. BlinG

    Changing Sega Net City Panel from One Player to Two Player Control Panel

    You just need a new 2 player panel and the loom for 2player controls. Depending on what panel you get this is under $200. @alberto1225 and @Rbtamanini make great reproduction panels. You can also search ebay or yahoo auctions for an original 2 player panel, but chances are they're rusted and...
  17. BlinG

    CPS3 with Darksoft UltraBIOS boot issues

    If you're swapping the simms between slot 1 and 2 and the culprit simm keeps showing undetected, you probably have a bad 64mb simm and it needs to be replaced or repaired.
  18. BlinG

    Blast City Parts/Bolt Size Check these will work for the control panel if you don't want to buy a huge set from amazon
  19. BlinG

    Blast City Parts/Bolt Size Check

    RandomRetro made a 3d print file for the com port.