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  1. santa978

    MP07-IONA-US JVS/USB I/O Board: Worldwide Sales & Troubleshooting Thread

    HI is there still some avail? i would like 2
  2. santa978

    FS: Pcbs ongoing sales thread

  3. santa978

    FS: SEGA ST-V Bundle: Darksoft Multi, Lions3 Kit, 8 authentic carts, read description: $600 shipped

    Dam I would have taken the lot. I'm always late to the party
  4. santa978

    FS/Trade/Price Check: CPS 1 Dash with Chinese 32-in-1 "B" board. Full A+B+C kit (no weird audio rebuild)

    I have it for trade @Clucas79
  5. santa978

    FS: Golden Axe / System 16B

    I want it, give it to meeeee!🤤
  6. santa978

    FS: Blade Master IREM M92 * SOLD *

    F my life I'm too F late on this one 😭
  7. santa978


    Thanks @ShootTheCore really don't know much about iREM stuff, just got my first iREM M72 multi two weeks ago. I'm looking for blade master on the M72
  8. santa978


    ninja baseball batman PCB on ebay but not sure if that's a good price and I dont think is original
  9. santa978

    WTB: Naomi Motherboard

    I have one but, I would like to trade not sale
  10. santa978

    Wtb or trade for blade master

    Hi you I would like to buy or trade for blade maste/ cross blade on the M92
  11. santa978

    MvC2 for trade

    Hi yo, I have a MvC2 for local trade prefer. Please read, this is complete but the naomi board doesn't work (maybe fixable idk), i/o works, game cart works But sold as is. I use another naomi board to test the i/o and game, play it for about 15 minutes I'm really busy so it might take time for...
  12. santa978

    MK2 and UMK3 problems

    I had the same problem 😕 My cab didn't have -5v
  13. santa978

    Ultimate mk3 pcb (no sound) (sold) & robocop

    I have to check on shipping I work long hours and weekends but your #2on list. Will let you know
  14. santa978

    SOLD - Street Fighter HF $825

    Wish you were in SoCal
  15. santa978

    Ultimate mk3 pcb (no sound) (sold) & robocop

    F@ck didn't check that, I don't have a -5v cabinet, I'm pepega ☹ i
  16. santa978

    Ultimate mk3 pcb (no sound) (sold) & robocop

    Ultimate mk3 no sound $220 + shipping. (Sold) Data east robocop $120 + shipping (on hold) PayPal friends and family only
  17. santa978

    FS: AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB [Batch 2 - FOR SALE]

    is this still available? will they work on a Meanwell QP-200-3a too?
  18. santa978

    best arcade power supply?

    any links to where I can buy the Mean Well QP-200-3A, I google it but it said end-of-life product
  19. santa978

    best arcade power supply?

    Hi-yo, players, I want to replace the old power supplies on the Dynamos, what is the best one currently in production, most of my games are jamma and like 7 Naomi's some with GD-Rom I got two of these ones but one is faulty and can't hold a stable voltage...