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  1. RandomRetro

    FS: Aero City RS Control Box Upper and MS8-26SU Chassis

    This is a great looking CP even if you just leave it unpainted. GLWS
  2. RandomRetro

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I think it was good to use. Just helps keep things in place and not flush on the glass. Will definitely help if you move your machine around in a line up or travel. No real reason not to use it.
  3. RandomRetro

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Finally took the plug and swapped out the hacked SDVX monitor that was pretty beat up with a new LG. Mounting bracket worked great. Took a little more time than I though to get the vertical alignment, but otherwise flawless. Thanks @Hadouken Arcade !
  4. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Sure @Sl1pm0de . Just send me a direct message and we can sort something out. I did post the STL file as well if you have access to a printer. But if not I can hook you up.
  5. RandomRetro

    WTB: Puzzle de Bowling PCB

    This game is total trash. Someone please offload it to @everten ;)
  6. RandomRetro

    FS: Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    I will take 2 @Derick2k, thanks!
  7. RandomRetro

    Positive Feedback for RandomRetro

    Glad it all worked out! Thanks for the feedback.
  8. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Makes sense. And protects the cables getting bumped and breaking the connectors. Hmm… thinking of an idea for how to do something similar but smaller. Just for cables and not worrying about the versus connection board. I do run cables out of there when I stream or capture game play.
  9. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Interesting. Never seen those before. Do they just screw on the back and cover the cables, or cover and hold them when not connected?
  10. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Never would have thought a rectangle with two wholes would make me feel so accomplished, but it did :) The little things...
  11. RandomRetro

    Blast City Comm Port Cover (Part No. HOT-1303)

    Both my Blast City cabs didn't have covers for the Comm port so decided to make a cover as I learn 3D printing. Two M4 x 10 screws are needed to hold it in place. Link to Thingiverse.
  12. RandomRetro

    JNX Sega 839-0158 Repro Headphone Board

    Ok, so I finally dusted off this repro board to see how to set things up on my Aero City. I thought there was going to be more to it, but if you just want mono audio it is plug and play. This all may already be well understood by others, but in case not, thought I would post my notes here to...
  13. RandomRetro

    [SOLD] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    Interested in 1 if still available!
  14. RandomRetro

    Stereo + Kick Harness Add-on Boards (Everten)

    I promise this isn’t just another pic of @jassin000 MB, but it is equally as magical to one’s ears. Sounds great in my Blast City and looks super clean. Nice work @everten, and get soldering cause people are going to want these!
  15. RandomRetro

    Exa Kit Box Protectors - Precious Cardboard - production started (0 left)

    At least is isn’t the cost of shipping the LE pop!
  16. RandomRetro

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Ordered and then learned of the limiting pre-order. Save you some time HSS on tracking this down. I am 417 on the list. My bad… but if you still want to send it I will accept it :) HSS Order: 41094
  17. RandomRetro

    Positive feedback for RandomRetro!

    Thanks man. Glad they worked out!
  18. RandomRetro

    [FS] SNK MVS-U4 25" & SNK Candy 25 Cabinets (Paypal normal payment accepted)

    Gateninety has an STL file so you can 3D print a bracket. I have never seen repro metal ones. @AlxUnderBase I hear you and shipping is only getting crazier lately.
  19. RandomRetro

    [FS] SNK MVS-U4 25" & SNK Candy 25 Cabinets (Paypal normal payment accepted)

    That Candy 25 is hot, not to mention that green MVS ashtray! Wish you were closer. Good luck with the sale.
  20. RandomRetro

    Toei TC-HV25LMK

    So I was told a Toei TC-A252S should be swappable on my tube. But trying to find someone that can confirm this is a compatible swap with the Toei TC-HV25LMK. Anyone know?