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    WTB - Namco Exceleena/Gun Bullet power supply

    I’m after a Namco power supply typically found in exceleena or gun bullet cabinets. The part number is 77016-60011. If you have one you’d sell please let me know. Thanks
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    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Thanks for the explanation, I was keen to buy one but couldn’t see if there was any drawbacks to being an early order. I’ll place my order in the morning (approx 10 hours) 👍
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    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Is there any difference between “early order” and normal orders from a functionality perspective? I can’t tell if it’s purely a special price offer fir the first xxx orders, or if the early orders get initial revision and any running changes needed will be made to normal orders (and early...
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    Capcom Big Blue

    If directed at me I’m in Australia 😄 I’ve imported approx 20 cabinets from there, just shoot me through info/pics when ready 👍
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    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Are we meant to be pre-ordering these now? (I see an out of stock error when trying to add to cart)
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    New CPSIII Ultra Simms! 8 times the size of a regular SIMM

    I’m buying a set of these from @djsheep and ideally don’t want to have to attach a SCSI drive or SCSI2SD. I currently have a standard cart with the super bios installed, but can swap that with @mR_CaESaR who has a custom one with the ultra bios on it. Do I specifically need to make sure that I...
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    JAMMA switchers and CPS games that use a kick harness question

    What makes you say that? The kick condenser runs stand alone from the switcher, they don’t have to rely on each other, and have no physical connection to each other, the only negative of the proposed setup is you have 6 way kick and only 2 way PCB, so are paying for 4 more kicks then you can...
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    Capcom Big Blue

    Not to hijack, but if my one arrives and has issues I might hit you up as well 😂
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    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Any chance of a blanking plate for the LCD location? I seem to be the only one who wants the PCB deep inside my cabinet and my LCD selector somewhere near the front of my cabinet, or more accessible. (Ie, I won’t be mounting a screen to the case, I’ll have the ribbon cable hanging out of the...
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    Jasen's amazing case is doing ONE last run

    I just ordered a CPS3 one, thanks!
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    I believe another member on here grabbed it 👍
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    The damaged SD card slot was there when I unwrapped it, so likely can only be a manufacturing/shipping issue, but given how it’s all packaged it seems odd to have it snap off during transit? 🤷‍♂️ The other broken bit could have been me, but seems odd on both accounts (me breaking or shipping...
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Who's the best person to speak to about trying to get some stuff fixed on this MVS multi :( I literally got the package a few minutes ago and after opening it up I could see that half of the SD card slot was not visible, so I opened the unit to see if the PCB had moved or if the slot had simply...
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    MS-9 in a zback

    Any info on the mod you did to fit it in a gen 2?
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    lol, sorry... I was surprised to see that the listing was still there 10 hours after the post about it! I'd have thought it would be snapped up within minutes/hours!
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Out of stock now 😂
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    If it’s just a case of increased cost as opposed to pure component unavailability, I’m sure there are still people keen to pay the current asking rates 👍
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    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    My pre-order is in the queue, so I’m waiting patiently 😂
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    CandyCabClub: Official Australian / New Zealand CPS-1 Multi - Pre-Order Wait List

    I got mine today, only had enough time to open it and see if I was part of the Q sound lottery but it looks pretty good! Thanks again!