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  1. Kagaden

    MiSTerAddons MiSTercade - MiSTer for JAMMA cabinets

    @misteraddons Is there a way to buy the XL + mistercade case without the Mistercade Jamma PCB? I purchased the first batch of Mistercades before it was available and don't see the option. This was offered awhile back but sold out before I could purchase. I'd be in for 2 if so. Also, is the...
  2. Kagaden

    Sega ALLS System

    For prosperity - I was interested in what ALLS HW Star Horse 4 was on, and this fellah was helpful enough to have it recorded. ALLS MX2 -
  3. Kagaden

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    Success! Dremeled off about 1mm of the excess that was causing it to look oval on each side and it fits like a glove now and is screwed in together. Thank you for the awesome case KaPH33n & hatmoose! :thumbup: Glad the issue was identified and ya didn't need to send out another one.
  4. Kagaden

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    Okay, now that I know how it's supposed to close I can say with certainty I'm unable to get it down onto the pegs on the front side. It looks & feels like the top part of the pegs have extra material or the material printed kinda rough and it came out oval. I'll try to get a picture of it...
  5. Kagaden

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    Hi @KaPH33n! I attempted to install @Mitsurugi-w 's repro board today with the case you printed up for me and am having some trouble getting it to clamp together. It drops in and holds into the front piece just fine. Then when I try to bring the back piece on, the back panel standoffs are too...
  6. Kagaden

    MiSTer FPGA

    Modern HD Displays/Candies - Duckstation all the way CRT Displays/Candies - Mister all the way I grew up with PS and there's nothing nostalgic about the poor quality rendering to me. If anything the PS1 looked like wobbly muddy shit, even compared to the N64 at the time. IMO, scanlines are a...
  7. Kagaden

    MiSTer FPGA

    This is definitive proof that's mind boggling to me. PlayStation emulation took what? Like 15 years to get decent (remember Bleem! lol) and even then - epsxe was a mess of plugins and compatibility garbage until recently (protip don't bother and use Duckstation). Now... 1 dude, with some help...
  8. Kagaden

    MiSTer FPGA

    I agree with this. It makes sense to me that different people will have different experiences and come to different viewpoints. The Mister experience is going to vary depending on the maturity and accuracy of the core, as well as the individual's experience with the original hardware. It's hard...
  9. Kagaden

    CPS3 Repro Carts!!

    I could use one :)
  10. Kagaden

    Hello from Dubai 🐪 🌴

    Welcome to the forum nawafsama - That's a pretty mindblowing collection considering the rarity of these cabs lately. \o/ Do you host get togethers with friends there?
  11. Kagaden

    Quickly get to MAME from Steam big picture?

    Big Box goes on sale for Black Friday at a pretty hefty discount if that's your end solution. Keep an eye out in November. For now, yeah, I've heard through multiple sources that you can launch other games through the steam/big picture interface like Auro pointed out. Looks like you're all set.
  12. Kagaden

    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    Cool with me, YMMV. Keeps em inexpensive if they're less desireable. :thumbsup:
  13. Kagaden

    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    I thought it might be an issue and gave me pause at first, but it's fine unless you're precious about all your cabs lined up the same height. In which case I can understand. Practically though, the height is far more comfortable to sit at than my NACs and I'm not desperate for arcade stools...
  14. Kagaden

    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    If you're hellbent on a Vewlix then by all means ignore this. It's a dream cab for many folks due to it's iconic look and people tend to enjoy putting a lot of love and upgrades into them. The Vewlix also has a massive and active community for support. If not, look into the Sega PRas3's Cereth...
  15. Kagaden

    FS: A Few Cabs for Sale

    If only these cabs were near Socal... :rage: I've always wanted a Neo Candy and that one's gorgeous.
  16. Kagaden

    Jasen's amazing case is doing ONE last run

    From the CPS1 thread to here: Well shit. I just pulled the trigger on 2 of the CPS3 cases and joined the Discord and saw that it only supports a SCSI2SD that is way out of stock and will not be available again or UltraSIMMS which are overkill. No SCSI CD support. The SCSI2SD boards appear...
  17. Kagaden

    JasensCustoms - CPS1 Multi Case Thread

    Apologies, I think I'm slow when it comes to understanding the options and placement for the case. So will your case support the front board and options from Mitsu? It'd be good to know which options specifically. I haven't purchased them yet, but was planning on it in the future and would love...
  18. Kagaden

    MiSTer FPGA

    That looks incredible hursit! Will it be able to support dual ram sticks by chance? I was planning on waiting for the Misteraddon's Express - but this looks equally compelling for my home entertainment system. Looking forward to it - the design looks really cool.
  19. Kagaden

    US Chewlix stock?

    Yep, turned mine into a Steam box with a 5 minute mod, it's by far the best use. And yeah, with how much love the PC platform has been getting, arcade versions can't compete nor am I all that interested. It's nice to know if you want the arcade versions to run on your windows box you can do...
  20. Kagaden

    US Chewlix stock?

    My Sega Pras3's literally came with decent consumer grade PCs in them. :hilarious: I love how much modern arcade cabs are simply PC architecture now, personally - less emulation, better hardware options, and better future preservation. I guess that means I'll be running Street Fighter 6 on day...