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  1. KaPH33n

    YATON FS. LOT ARCADE CABINETS AND FOR PARTS (Also 10 astro city and 10 blast city with 4 net city booking)

    you need to adjust some of the pots on the chassis. I don't know if you already recapped it or not but start there. you need to adjust trapezoid and pincushion settings.
  2. KaPH33n

    WTB: CPS2 board clips/clamps

    the darksoft multi isn't sensitive to the boards not seating together, that's just electronics. if the boards aren't seated the game won't play multi or not. sorry good luck finding some clips.
  3. KaPH33n

    FOUND: Aero City Parts (monitor glass, panel, surround)

    i had aero glass shipped from Japan, and it made it. It just needs to be packed correctly, and it helps to label it clearly on the outside so that people moving it know it's a sheet of glass.
  4. KaPH33n

    Where can I adjust the 5.1 and 3.3 volts??

    usually there's only one pot that you use to get 5v dialed in. should be on your power supply.
  5. KaPH33n

    Naomi CN12 5v connector for raspberry pi?

    JST NH seems like they're out of stock though. JST connectors can be difficult to source especially in small quantities.
  6. KaPH33n


    The 12v coming off your power supply is an orange wire. The 12v on your jamma harness is a yellow wire. Are they spliced together somewhere not pictured?
  7. KaPH33n

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    Yeah, it sounds like he included that bit of support in the model so that you can print the rest without supports. I like that. I found that the best way to snap out the corner support is with a straight razor. I just get it started in there and keep pushing till the whole piece pops out. the...
  8. KaPH33n

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    I see what you're talking about. Hrm... I think this is an artifact of shrinkage? because all of the "ovals" are in the longer dimension axis? When I measure the dimensions of the print the horizontal shrunk to 118.35/118.6. the vertical shrunk to 58.1/58.6. So it shrunk twice as much vertically...
  9. KaPH33n

    Primal Rage Power Requirements

    Primal Rage being a little green is normal i think
  10. KaPH33n

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Challenger's Edition - CPS2 Multi

    I haven't done it but assume it can't be too different from the other sfz3 hack that was discussed here. I was able to get the sfz3tm rom working on a real cps2 and the darksoft multi.
  11. KaPH33n

    [SOLD] Atomiswave, Irem M72, Sega 16, Sega 32

    HnK is arguably the best AW game offered, strange that it's last to sell. Maybe everyone here already has theirs or is satisfied with a boot?
  12. KaPH33n

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    hrm, not sure what happened, but it should fit. I have a repro cps3 security cartridge I can test with. Let me make sure I can get it working/fitting here and then I'll send you another one if it's something I did.
  13. KaPH33n

    [SOLD] Atomiswave, Irem M72, Sega 16, Sega 32

    not to humble brag or anything 8) checked my old zenmarket spreadsheet from bitd. I definitely got some YAJ treasures... Gotta have the eye for the deal. Also gotta have the stamina to finish off a gamble years later. I never knew if I'd find the carts for what I consider acceptable price...
  14. KaPH33n

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    edit: I noticed that it looks like there's support structures built into the model? Where the screws go? based on looking at the images in the thread above it looks like it was introduced into the blank back specifically? to follow up... after slicing it did fill those holes up. testing it...
  15. KaPH33n

    [SOLD] Atomiswave, Irem M72, Sega 16, Sega 32

    Sending PM for demolishfist and neowave! I’ll finally be able to fill these empty boxes I’ve been saving forever.
  16. KaPH33n

    3D printed case for CPS3 cart (remix of Twistedsymphony awesome work)

    I will try Cura. thank you for the quick response. PrusaSlicer is an offshoot from Slic3r which you may have heard of? The interface is very similar. I'm not really bound to one slicer over another but I do like using software that is open source. I believe Cura is also open source even though...
  17. KaPH33n

    Discussion about 0.6mm Nozzle size, Arachne, Cura -> PrusaSlicer

    So people are talking about switching from 0.4 to 0.6 nozzle size. But I'll lose my fine detail?! Apparently there's some advanced slicer tech called Arachne that solves that, which existed first in Cura. Because Cura is open source it has been ported or transitioned into PrusaSlicer as well...
  18. KaPH33n

    Sega Astro City -5v problem

    yeah new caps and replacing the -5v voltage regulator is a repair, not a complete part replacement.
  19. KaPH33n

    [FOUND] Capcom IO feet

    I will do some testing with the 3D printed ones to see if they fit the CPS2 motherboard differently than the Capcom IO. If they do I can scale the model so that it's a tighter fit.
  20. KaPH33n

    Sega Astro City -5v problem

    I would definitely try to repair what you got over replacing it with a modern switcher. but i am a crusty old fart who cares about originality and stockness. most people just want to play their games without worrying about the hardware. the original is fit to the cab and the harness and has -5v...