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  1. jermz1

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    @EYEDOL were you able to update any other previous versions with that new update dongle?
  2. jermz1

    LCD troubleshooting / repairs

    Is it possible to buy the lcd/pcb as a whole?
  3. jermz1

    WTB. Lower Half of Sega Astro city

    Ive already contacted him but shipping is going to be a whole frieght, wood packed. Patiently waiting for someone that might have a cheaper shipping option available. Packed in a corrugated box triple wall, type of thing.
  4. jermz1

    WTB. Lower Half of Sega Astro city

  5. jermz1

    Namco Noir advice

    Here's all the WIP Even had the idea to redirect the airflow out of the cab. You could easily mount a magnetic fan that powers on from the ES3 usb port. I've tested that so far.
  6. jermz1

    hello from korea.

    Oh im American😅 nice to meet you too. I know a few people locally that might be able to help you out.
  7. jermz1

    hello from korea.

    Welcome, what part are you from? Im in pyeongtaek-si
  8. jermz1

    Namco Noir advice

    The artwork has been rotation with my other long list of projects. So far ive modeled the banapass cover w/bracket and operation panel cover w/bracket both w/artwork. Just need to print test fitment. Im not sure if i started on a extra button panel as I couldn't decide to keep it flush or add an...
  9. jermz1

    Vewlix Sub Panels - 2022

    @Kavas I'm completely out. The language barrier is holding up the process.
  10. jermz1

    Sega New Versus City Restoration

    Is it going to be shared on the wiki?
  11. jermz1

    Taito Vewlix Chewlix Sub Extra REPRODUCTION Panel Cover (Hawaii)

    @thomas3184 sorry I dont have any extras.
  12. jermz1

    WTB Broken CPS3 Motherboard

    @twistedsymphony thanks, he isnt selling though.
  13. jermz1

    Dead CPS3 motherboard

    You got any broken ones for sale?
  14. jermz1

    WTB Broken CPS3 Motherboard

    Got the dimm, still looking for the mobo and cart. Both non working preferred
  15. jermz1

    English Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Unlimited Move List & Art?

    Thats awesome, I was looking for T5dr art a while back. No longer have the cab.
  16. jermz1

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    Thanks, ive been compilng a list. Is the mobo a TER or TR2. Dongle TR2 Game JP2 or 3?
  17. jermz1

    Tekken 7 FR - How to link?

    What revision is it?
  18. jermz1

    Tekken 7 R2 - Update

    Has anyone had the stage infinite azure 2 get stuck loading?