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  1. evilsim

    WTB: CPS2 board clips/clamps

    I have used velcro tape wrapped around a+b before, it can hold them really tight. especially that plastic-y velcro stuff, it holds together very tightly.
  2. evilsim

    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    @buffi - autopew is such a good idea. also, those socks look lovely and warm lol
  3. evilsim

    FS:Sega STV Mainboard And Soukyugurentai Game

    Aliexpress is better than eBay for returns -- just incase this order does not work out. I have never had an issue getting a full refund on ali, then I have had many ridiculous transaction outcomes on eBay, Personally I have had way better over-all service from the transactions on ali than on...
  4. evilsim

    New Australian Distributor

    Just some rando 2cm ones from aliexpress which I stick onto DE10 nano boards. The ones which are 0.6cm high are a better fit under the multi board. I have lots of the taller ones which still fit, PM me if you need some sent. Buying locally is not phea$ible for me so i get from china.
  5. evilsim

    New Australian Distributor

    Got my multi, install pdf and YouTube video made the install a breeze. I have a non dash board modified to 12mhz, recapped as well, with a heatsink on the A board gfx chip. Communication was great and a lucky owner of a q sound chip too. Thanks @djsheep and obv @Darksoft . Well worth the wait...
  6. evilsim

    WTB Taito ash tray

    wasnt aware of this site, grabbed a few goodies, thank a lot :cat:[astrocity]
  7. evilsim

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    the 9 pin mini din version has a switch (if you install a switch, or you can use a basic jumper) for TTL sync or 75 ohm sync. you need to use a MD2/Genesis2 cable for these intead of an 8 pin mini din cable. I have (only a few of) these boards avail if you wish me to send you one for a small...
  8. evilsim

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    component video will usually also do a basic "sync strip" then set impedence then add to green signal, so you may not find a difference, but worth a try. 'syncstrike' utilises a basic LM1881 which does a sync strip and converts whatever-sync to TTL sync. i had one person who i sold a minigun...
  9. evilsim

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    @USHIMATA like the CPS2 just the lcd display. however, someone clever could probably write some python or other code and run it on a small raspberry pi, which could interface with the lcd selector header and then allow you to choose a game via a webpage GUI via wifi, say on your mobile phone...
  10. evilsim

    Repair log: Sony PVM 20M4

    great photo thanks a lot for providing this :thumbsup: good luck with the rest of the monitors ! here is a link to a rather verbose manual i had another manual but cannot find it right now, i just googled this one from a quick ali express search for "lcr-t4", well i started out searching for...
  11. evilsim

    Repair log: Sony PVM 20M4

    nice work! i was able to fix a commodore 1084p monitor once by changing the NPN too (used the same china tester as well) ! its very satisfying to repair an old CRT i must say. your workbench must have looked great while you were operating - PVM's opened up and all over the place ? :cat:
  12. evilsim

    Getting TTL Sync from a Minigun Supergun

    if you use the stripper you do not need the combiner. if you use the combiner you need to have H and V sync available in order to combine them. i dont know if the ths assumes TTL, it doesnt care what sync or signal with sync in it which you throw at it eg (Y, CVBS, sync-on-green or TTL). all i...
  13. evilsim

    Getting TTL Sync from a Minigun Supergun

    the only way to guarantee TTL sync (since not ALL arcade boards use TTL sync(??) - afaik) is with a sync stripper - even the method you are using which will combine the H and V sync, you cannot be SURE its TTL sync without a sync stripper. you are also using a 470ohm resistor after the sync...
  14. evilsim

    WTB: Pandora's Box 6 PCB (The Pink One)

    as i recall if you use HDMI you get more in the options menu than if using VGA output. maybe try that @_rm_ ? goodluck p.s. i like my stupid pandoras box because I can play caveman ninja on it (still cannot bring myself to pay high $ for genuine board)
  15. evilsim

    NEC PC Engine RGB amp

    I have installed and swapped out many PC-E rgb and audio mods over the years, I also got the early SSDS3 and had to get the rgb and audio boards separately which was annoying at the time. Personally I would go with the doujinman, it's a much more thought-through solution. The audio amp benefit...
  16. evilsim

    FS: DE10 nano (Sold out. Thank you everyone)

    just saw this. ordered thanks a lot @XeD
  17. evilsim

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    sounds like me ! AT PSU might work not sure if it has -5v either, but you wont need -5v for many boards anyway. Early ATX PSU have -5v, but new ATX PSU do not. Be careful with AT PSU, the power switch wiring is highly loaded with amps, an old friend of mine zapped himself silly with one of...
  18. evilsim

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    hello @Elfoam I can help with a video cable and a power cable if you need (with the end on it to connect to the minigun). PM me! I have all but run out of minigun PCB's (except for 9 pin mini din ones) and I am pondering over having more PCBs printed and continuing the build/selling of these...