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  1. FrAshi

    Arcades for sale in Georgia

    Great prices 🔥, GLWS
  2. FrAshi

    Futari BL Art Repro or Scans?

    Futari or mushi 1?
  3. FrAshi

    Futari BL Art Repro or Scans?

    I would definitely pick up a Futari set for vewlix if he made one!
  4. FrAshi

    Selling my ds collection

    Selling only as bundle?
  5. FrAshi

    SOLD: Super clean Madcatz SFV TE2+ (PS3/4 stick)

    SOLD - - - - - - - Stock TE2+, SFV PS3/4 edition. Works perfect, super clean. $200 shipped in the US, paypal F&F or add 3.5%. Will ship international but buyer pays shipping fee. Thanks!
  6. FrAshi

    SOLD: R. Tamanini blemished vewlix panels (blue d)

    ALL SOLD - - - - - - For sale - Raphael Tamanini blue Diamond repro panels with some issues. See the description below. Shipping from NM, USA. - extra button sub panel - brand new with plastic still on top - $40+ buyer pays shipping SOLD - 2L14B panel - has some alignment issues with the...
  7. FrAshi

    SOLD: Axunworks JVS/Jamma Cbox Supergun Setup

    SOLD - - - - - - - Up for sale - Axunworks JVS/Jamma Cbox Supergun Setup Letting go of my Axunworks JVS Jamma cbox supergun setup. Comes with pretty much everything you need and more. Used for less than two hours - tested out some jamma boards and Sega Naomi, Namco 256, everything worked...
  8. FrAshi

    FS: CPS2 & CPS3 simms & random parts

    Thanks, post updated
  9. FrAshi

    Hyper Neo Geo 64 - revision 1 pcb (Audio assistance)

    Niiice gonna pick up a board now! Awesome work
  10. FrAshi

    FS: CPS2 & CPS3 simms & random parts

    Up for sale a bunch of CPS2 & 3 odds and ends, leftover from putting multis together. Pics attached. Prices include shipping within the USA, I’m open to shipping anywhere but buyer pays extra for shipping outside of US. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure noCD simm set $325 USD - SOLD - 5 simms (2x64mb...
  11. FrAshi

    Multi JVS v1.0

    Just want to pop in and say thanks to @Darksoft and @winteriscoming and all who worked on this. Picked one up a few months back and finally had the chance to hook it up - worked just as expected first time out. Thanks a ton! (And to @Lemony Vengeance for the harness and help!)
  12. FrAshi

    SNK Candy 26

    I got them here, they have a couple different designs and sizes. Capcom and Sega are the same size, Taito are bigger, closer to quarter size:
  13. FrAshi

    SNK Candy 26

    Ah ok the very bottom usually, last step in the line? I’m not sure how the mech on the 26 works, the universal slug acceptor I linked to works great but if the part you are taking about isn’t wide enough, not sure what to do. The Sega tokens I mentioned are pretty much exactly an inch.
  14. FrAshi

    SNK Candy 26

    For both my blast and vewlix I’ve used this: Swap out the coin mech and align. For the blast, i have to have it tilted a bit. For the vew, I had to file the bottom opening a couple extra mm. There are usually ways to mod...
  15. FrAshi

    SOLD: Taito Type X2 DBAC w/ dongle

    Bump and price drop! $600 + shipping
  16. FrAshi

    Feedback for MathewBeall

    A++ for @mathewbeall , I’ve purchased a few items from him now for different multi systems and everything has been perfect. He has always been prompt with communication, quick with shipping and super helpful and patient with all of my questions. Thank you sir!
  17. FrAshi

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Doesn’t seem to be a cable problem. Maybe the pi unit?? I don’t know but i think I’ve tried everything else 🤷‍♂️
  18. FrAshi

    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Have tried several cables now, including ones that I used to connect to the dongle on my laptop, and I still get the exact same error, so I don’t think it’s the cable.