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    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    Ordered a supergun and converters. Had no idea that it was months upon months no contact waiting before purchasing. NOT A FAN of the process at all. If it takes 6-10 months and I know ahead of time? That’s fine, I know what I’m getting into with bespoke products. No mention of that much lead...
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    SOLD: Ergheiz PCB

    If he doesn’t take it I will.
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    WTB customized JAMMA harness for Dynamo Showcase

    Hi all, I need to buy a most likely custom Jamma harness for a Dynamo Showcase cabinet. I can provide the pinout for the control panel pedestal/kick harness, and photos of the monitor, which doesn’t use the standard RGB 5 pin connection. Thanks in advance!
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    Large board sale... over 100 PCBs

    Hey Channel, hit me up with the paypal info so I can get Toshinden and Die Hard Arcade in the air, thanks so much and have a great day!
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    All Sold! Large lot of non-working PCBs for scavenging parts! Plus some working PCBs!

    You have interest in all of it? I’m interested in the NBA Jam or time killers
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    That’s unconscionable! They can just sit on the interest for a year and thereby increase the price by 3-15%+ without advertising it depending on their return. I appreciate that everyone raves about the quality but their current business model leaves MUCH to be desired.
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Thanks. The lack of communication and 7 months?! Even if it’s phenomenal, they need a better disclaimer on time frame. I was figuring a few weeks, maybe a month or two.
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Should we be concerned about Axunworks? I ordered April 1 and I haven’t had a peep yet still, and Drfunk isn’t answering messages and has been MIA for a month.
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    WTB Vegas IO Board

    Working or untested?
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    WTB Vegas IO Board

    WTB Midway Vegas IO board. Price negotiable depending on condition.
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    SOLD: Naomi System + Virtua Tennis

    Jassin is a good dude.
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    SOLD: Naomi System + Virtua Tennis

    I’ll snipe if he backs out.
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    FS:Sega STV Mainboard And Soukyugurentai Game

    Delivered as promised. Multiple mitigating issues, it was delivered to wrong house by my postal service, bundled with another Chinese package bound for me at customs which held things up, and the tracking number never populated properly (not sure who is at fault there.) Important part is that...
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    WTB Sega ST-V/Die Hard control panel.

    There’s one on eBay right now that looks pretty beat for only $50 but has $100+ shipping. Was curious if anyone here had one for cheaper?
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    FS: Virtual On Twin Cabinet (found on CL)

    Ugh. This has big “check with Beltman even though it’s half a country” vibes on it. Someone better snap it up.
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    SF EX2

    Pm sent
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    FS/Price check: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom w/Capcom I/O, Information cards, manual, and display card (edit: sold)

    Games like that, Soul Calibur, etc where the console is clearly a better version, but not THE arcade version are so weird to figure out pricing wise. It’s one of the few instances where the gamer and the collector aren’t one and the same on this hobby, so I totally understand your need to write...
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    FS:Sega STV Mainboard And Soukyugurentai Game

    Has anyone done business with this person before? I ordered off Ali from them as they requested, the tracking number isn’t populating but has said it’s departed country, and the seller has been completely out of contact. My naturally inclination is to assume that it’s a volume seller that...
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    TYX4 SFV paperweight

    Its current DLC is also Sagat/G, with no VS2, it’s missing 8-10ish characters. Might have stopped on Kage. I forget. But definitely no Seth/Gill/season 5.
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    Sold UMK3 pcb

    A+ seller. Shipped quickly and safely. Would happily do business again.