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  1. Plymelk

    Konami Windy 1 Toshiba PB6643-1 Vertical Collapse

    I needed to flip the yoke windings in the Windy 1 today. Below are my yokes measurements H: .8 ohm V: 5.1 ohm H: .33mh V: 10.6mh These seem further off than yours if the online posted reading are the standard?
  2. Plymelk

    Konami Windy 1 Toshiba PB6643-1 Vertical Collapse

    RE the yoke measurements, these are analog electronics and there will some tolerable variance between each monitor to another. I can confirm that the measurements you posted are indeed close to my working Windy I Toshiba chassis measurements when I pulled it. Inductance would be a more...
  3. Plymelk

    Large board sale... over 100 PCBs

    PM sent on Hellfire (if available still).
  4. Plymelk

    Kortek KT-1420A help needed

    Do the Vertical windings and Horizontal windings read out of spec for this yoke? Not sure what those values are supposed to be (Resistance or Inductance) but I'd venture to say that information is out there with enough sleuthing.
  5. Plymelk

    Battery Acid Board Repair

    I came into a Nintendo Vs. System board and all internals that had been salvaged from a trashed cab. The board was in a standard Nintendo style RF cage and the price was right so I didn't bother to inspect it and thought of it more as a throw-in with the other items I got on this deal. When I...
  6. Plymelk

    Need help on identifying the model of this Wells Gardner 19in monitor + power supply questions

    The linked power cable has a different connector than what your chassis has. You want this connector instead. Do not forget to get pins with it too. Using a PC as the video source, the converter you posted does the opposite of what you are looking to do. You need to go from VGA (31k from the...
  7. Plymelk

    Need help on identifying the model of this Wells Gardner 19in monitor + power supply questions

    No isolation transformer is needed for this model. The big yellow cube on the second to last picture is an onboard transformer that handles this. Never hurts to run one in a cab or via test rig, but you shouldnt blow anything up without one.
  8. Plymelk

    Jaleco Mega System 32

    Follow up on this. I reseated all socketed chips on the mainboard and cart, as well as, changed the cap at C37 to 10uf. No dice. No pins are bent on the cart/motherboard connector and everything looks to be in order. Now actually it is not booting and reseting as it was before, but instead...
  9. Plymelk

    Jaleco Mega System 32

    I just picked up a Game Paradise / Game Tengoku cart and Mega System 32 motherboard. Unfortunately, I am getting a reset error similar to the one provided in here. Would be interested in preferably any motherboard/cart combo, as that would help the most in troubleshooting what is going on with...
  10. Plymelk

    Squiggly vertical lines

    Looks similar to what I had on a K7000 tube swap for the mini cute. FG jumper to logic ground on the PSU worked for me.
  11. Plymelk

    Building Arcade Cabinet, Technical Thread

    I did with a TV tube swapped K7000. I tried changing the power supply from the MW RT-125A to a Ali Express Min Dong, no change in herringbone pattern. I then jumped FG to logic ground on the power supply and this corrected the issue. Not sure if this would work for the Mean Well power supply...
  12. Plymelk


    Put me on the list please, and if someone has a donor board shoot me a pm. Thanks.
  13. Plymelk

    Positive Feedback for Brad808

    Purchased two (2) PCBs. Seller was quick to respond and quick to ship. Items arrived as described. Smooth transaction. Highly recommended.