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    Nanao MS-2930 Dip Switch Woes

    Im having the same issue. I can get an image from the jamma harness but i get nothing from VGA. I used a good cable from my other blast city and have the dips the same and nothing. Im using a dreamcast and when i power on the DC i get a blip but no picture :(
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    How is the sound on those Aurasound compared to the stock ones? Also what is the model of the Aurasounds? Ill throw those in my other cab :D thanks for the STL that will come in handy
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    Black Storm universal cab 2 player panel

    Hello! i was given a free Black Storm universal cab in decent shape. Im having a hard time finding parts for it. Im missing the bezel that goes around the monitor and im looking for a 2 player panel. Just curious if any one here knows where i can get one or get one made? Here is a pic i found...
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    Yeah i was thinking about that the only issue is that i don't know if the Blast amp can handle a 4ohm load. I could do them in series and have it as a 16 ohm load but that will cut the volume. Again that won't be too bad because the original speakers were shot from day one so i have nothing to...
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    Blast City Speaker Replacement

    I found some speakers that are the same dimension and only need very little modification to fit the stock blast speaker enclosure. The only down side is that they are 8 ohms. I dont know much about the amps in the blasts but can they handle 4 ohms? Or should i wire them to 16 ohms? I dont have...
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    K C Game sale

    Just curious if you had any Blast City cabs?