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    8-1 pcb switcher - like new

    Yes - I have experience with all kinds of switchers over the year and these are indeed top of the line in terms of quality and support. No worry of damage to PCBs or otherwise with the RiddleTV products - you get what you pay for and these products are at the top in terms of quality and...
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    8-1 pcb switcher - like new

    Price drop - $240 shipped.
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    8-1 pcb switcher - like new

    Still available. Someone must want to take a shot at this - great JAMMA switcher.
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    8-1 pcb switcher - like new

    Bump...$250 shipped. Great deal on a awesome switcher. Essentially new.
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    5" CRT tube monitor (2) like new

    I have two 5" CRT tube monitors, never used, that were intended for work bench application but never got around to it. They both have everything as new and ready to go - not easy to find anymore. Asking $125/apiece shipped or $200/shipped for both.
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    8-1 pcb switcher - like new

    I have an 8-1 switcher from RiddleTV that was barely used for a project that didn't become a reality. It has all eight extensions; one of them has some quick connects as an attempt to provide individual power was made, however, it works completely fine. Great product and rare capacity for 8 pcb...
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    Happ gun and extra harness, Frogger marquee, 49-way Joysticks

    Happ gun and additional harness (working); $75/shipped Frogger marquee: $30 shipped 49-way joysticks (4): $100/shipped for all four.
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    PCBs: 10-yard fight and Neo Geo MVS 1-slot

    100% working 10-yard fight pcb with Jamma adapter - $65/shipped. 2 - Neo Geo MVS 1-slot pcbs that are believe to have Z80 error: $40 shipped/$70 for both.
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    Sega arcade driving brake/accelerator

    Good condition Sega arcade brake/accelerator. $100/shipped.
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    Sega arcade gun harness and sensors

    Here is a Sega Lindbergh gun harness that was purchased and never used as well as Sega Type II sensors and wires. $25/sensor; $225 for entire lot. Lindbergh wire harness - $75 shipped.
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    Small LCD screen and adapter

    This is a new, small LCD screen and USB adapter that was purchased for arcade use (marquee screen) and was never used. Perfect condition. $100 shipped.
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    Naomi Pi 'WiPi Netbooter' - compatible with Pi 3&4

    I have the other versions, however, having some difficulty with the 6.1 version download. Once you download all the files and extract them; only one image file is present and the others have 0kb size, correct? Which zip file as the actual image file? When I try and burn the one file that...
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    SCART switcher (Monster Cable)

    Here is the back. Let me know if interested.
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    FS: Konami System 573 motherboard and game

    This has been sold. Thanks.
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    SCART switcher (Monster Cable)

    Great condition SCART switcher produced by Monster Cable. Rare. $100 shipped or MMAO.
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    FS: Konami System 573 motherboard and game

    100% working - Konami System 573 with Fisherman's Bait game and functioning reel/controller (also spare). $150 shipped or MMAO.
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    FS: Sega Type II parts

    Bump...MMAO. IR LED boards - $15 each/reduced price for a complete set of 10 and include all the connections. Shipped. (SOLD) - some individual boards still available. IR sensors - $150 each/$250 for both shipped IR Gun Sense board - $100 shipped (SOLD)
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    FS: Sega Type II parts