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  1. 500_pts

    Trade for ?

    I've got a Blast that I'm looking to swap out, but I'm working on replacing the tube (new one arriving Monday) as the last one gave up the ghost :( Aside from that its in decent shape. Located in MA, could drive it to NJ probably. Pic from before the tube moved on to a greener pasture.
  2. 500_pts

    Sold pls close

    PM Sent
  3. 500_pts

    WTB: MS-2930 or MS-2933 chassis

    Fairly straightforward, recently had a Blast chassis fail and I am looking for a replacement/backup while I attempt to get the other repaired. Thanks for your time!
  4. 500_pts

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Just wanted to give an update here, my sets arrived in the US safely, no extra custom fees associated! Excited to build them and will report back.
  5. 500_pts

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Hey lucky, I'm pretty close to the breakpoint, def willing to be an early US shipping test case.
  6. 500_pts

    Gaia Crusaders

    PM sent for gc
  7. 500_pts

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    Should a second batch happen, count me in for 3 sets.