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  1. Yippikaye

    [FS] CAVE, Gunnail, Shmups, IREM M72/84/92, Multi CPS1 by Aje...

    Hi Guys, I have some personnal issues and need to separate from these beautiful boards. Nothing related to health but need some money asap :( I'll first post here and then on other french groups. First come fisrt serve. Prices are in € and do not include shipping. I'll quote shipping on...
  2. Yippikaye

    [Help] IGS PGM Gladiator Glitch !

    Hi Guys, A friend gave me this IGS PGM Gladiator game and that is what I have on the screen. The cart have been stored for many year and come from his personnal collection. I tried to clean the JAMMA and the eeproms legs but didn't notice any change. I'm using it on a HAS Supergun and my other...
  3. Yippikaye

    [Help] Psikyo PS3 V1 (SH2) PCB - Strikers 1945 II glitch

    Hi Guys, I received a Psikyo PS3 V1 (SH2) PCB - Strikers 1945 II board. The game plays fine, but I have glitchs on the Psikyo logo and with some text during attract mode, maybe some other minor glitchs but I didn't run the PCB too long to notice. I checked the 5V and visually checked if there...
  4. Yippikaye

    [FS] Twin Cobra II - TAITO F3

    Hi Guys, I would like to sell my original board of Twin Cobra 2 on TAITO F3. It's the japanese version. I bought it at 250€ a couple of years ago but it seems that the TAITO F3 games price has dropped. I ask 180€ + postage 4 CPS2 A-Boards : 1- the one on the top left corner : Good shape...
  5. Yippikaye

    A CAVE Multi is doable for sure, who wants to dig in

    Hi Guys, We already talked about the feasability of a CAVE CV1000B Multi and the possibility to get involved in legal issues by CAVE layers and so. But during the Stunfest I saw a PCB of Pink Sweets Suicide Club running on original hardware. This version was made by the "Four Horsemen" team...
  6. Yippikaye

    [WTB] Mushihimesama Futari 1.5 PCB

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a Mushihimesama PCB Futari 1.5 is enough for me (it's the one that I played the most) but if it's a Black Label I can probably consider it too :rolleyes: Thanks in advance for your propositions ^^
  7. Yippikaye

    [Sold] CPS2 Street Fighter II The New Challengers (original JAP)

    Hi Guys, I'm offering for sale this Japanese B-board of Street fighter II The New Challengers original running on battery (changed 07/17) very clean no traces on the board. The board comes with it's box (I don't know if it's serial matching) the box is not in good shape but comes complete with...
  8. Yippikaye

    [WTB] Any back-up device for SNES or N64

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy any back-up device for the SNES or N64. Any BUNG devices or Tokotek ones such 'Doctor V64' or Z64 or 'Game Doctor SFx' Even if they are not working :P Thanks in advance,
  9. Yippikaye

    [FS] 19XX the war against destiny original

    Hi Guys, For sale an original green '19XX the war against destiny' CPS2 board original and running on battery (have to be changed) The board has some cracks on it. I'm asking 130€ (excluding shipping) I'll make a quotation for shipping costs according to your location.
  10. Yippikaye

    [WTB] TAITO F3 Shell

    Hi Guys, I would like to buy a TAITO F3 shell (or a non expensive game) to equip my DSF3Multi Ideally from a European member :) Thanks for the help ^^
  11. Yippikaye

    [Sold] Windjammers MVS

    Hi Guys, I'm selling a 'Flying Power Disc' original MVS (all original) It is the Japanese version. I'm asking 110€ + shipping Feel free to ask if you need any information
  12. Yippikaye

    [Help] Irem M84 R-Type II image calibration

    Hi Guys, I'm the happy owner of an original Irem M84 R-Type II board. I'm playing through a HAS V3 Supergun on a TV and everything runs fine but ?( While playing I can't see the score and vessel informations part on the screen :huh: When I rotate the screen through the dipswitch config I can...
  13. Yippikaye

    DVDO VP50 - PSU whistling - (SPU45E-103)

    Hi, So I finally was able to get a DVDO VP50. But when I plugged the PSU I heard a noise, some kind of whistling :( and the VP50 had no power in The green led (on the PSU) was lower. When the PSU is not plugged, the whistling is higher and the green led is fine (intense) So I decided to open and...
  14. Yippikaye

    [Sold]: Metamorphic Force + Growl 290€ out

    Hi guys, Since I received my new V3, I'm selling this V2 supergun that is still in a very good shape. I'm only offering the V2 + power supply connector I payed 110€ for it So I'm asking the same + shipping at your convenience sold I'm adding the following original PCB's : - Metamorphic...
  15. Yippikaye

    [Help] Auto-boot is not anymore working

    Hi there, My auto-boot feature is not working anymore. I updated the multi from the SD card again with the flash.img but still the same. The LCD screen shows 'have fun' but there is no reboot. Did you get this weired situation before ? Thanks in advance for any help
  16. Yippikaye

    Sold: Street Fighter Third Strike CPS3 cart + CD

    Hi, I have the following items for sale : - Bios cartridge (Japanese original version) battery changed in 2013 - Original CD of the game Everything is working flawlessly !! Shipping fees are as follow: 12€ to France, 23€ to Europe, 30€ to the rest of the world (shipping include insurance)...
  17. Yippikaye

    [Help] Dualbios and STV-Multicart

    Hi there, I was wondering if there is a compatibility (or not) between a dualbios and Darksoft's STV-Multicart. I received the other day a dualbios that I installed correctly but I have a black screen and nothing shows on the screen (no sound either) Everything works fine with my original...
  18. Yippikaye

    [Help] CPS3 graphical issues

    Hi there, I have a problem with a CPS3 mother board that I bought as faulty from a friend. He told me that he used to palay Street 3.3 with it and suddenly it stoped working (black screen). I did a test with the sh cartridge and my working setup (SIMMs with SF3 2nd impact installed) and here...
  19. Yippikaye

    [WTB] Super Kaneko Nova and a Sega Nomad console

    Hi, I would like to buy a Sega Nomad console. Preferably original (with no added screen, features ...) and in working condition. I'm not collecting games/consoles so I don't care about the esthetics/state since it is working :) And I'm also looking for a Super Kaneko Nova mother board...
  20. Yippikaye

    WTB: UD-CPS2 fully consolized

    Hi, I want to buy an UD-CPS2 (Undamned) I tried several times to contact Undamned but with no success (no answer to different emails) I can provide an A-Board if needed 8) or I can do it my self if I have the different components :whistling: Thanks in advance