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    FS: 4P Sunset Riders, X-Men

    What region is the xmen please?
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    [ FS ] IRem Undercover COPS PCB

    Have you tried reseating all the roms? do you have another M92 mobo you could swap over?
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    WTB Denjin Makai 1, The Simpsons, Thunder Hoop 2 and Turbo Force

    Ive got a thunder hoop im never gonna play again. Thunder hoop 2 is a whole different story though.
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    [ FS ] IRem Undercover COPS PCB

    Does graphics change when u press down on the graphics custom surface mount on the rom board? Can u see any lifted pins?
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    FS:bare knuckle/STREETS OF RAGE pcb

    I wouldn't go as far as to discredit the makers as it's something that Sega should have really done themselves. Everyone loves streets of rage and personally this pcb has enough differences to make it worthwhile to play. To be honest I'm not really sure what the background of this pcb is...
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    FS:bare knuckle/STREETS OF RAGE pcb

    Personally I wouldn't class this as a bootleg although its right on the boarder line. As there was no original PCB streets of rage then there cannot be a bootleg of something that doesn't exist. It's more doujin or fan made just like the new MVS games that are getting released. Otherwise all...
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    Two Namco System 11 motherboards with different problem.

    Nice fix. I didnt know those multiplexers would cause the game not to boot?
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    Sega MegaPlay PCB only

    Sorry for getting your hopes up. Good luck with the search
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    NIB FACTORY NEW Vewlix Black Diamond (with some optional extras). Norcal. Now separated FC control panel box and lowered the prices. Norcal

    I got mine direct from taito on the group buy. Was this part of it? It was the last remaining stocks of nos db. Cant get nos ones anymore. Lovely 1080p monitor in it!
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    CPS2 Donor B board rev.6/7 (puzzloop2,progear,etc) for Darksoft build (CONUS)

    Is 19xx conpatible? I got one with no roms if it is. Just the pcb, b board case and no roms or battery installed
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    Sega MegaPlay PCB only

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    Sega MegaPlay PCB only

    I have a working one with thunderblade that i havnt used for ages comes with adapter i think. How much is it worth?
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    Danderous seed rom hack

    Just an update. He said it's possible and is looking into it as we speak
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    Danderous seed rom hack

    Hes a very smart guy. Designer of the infamous SLICE in circuit IC tester which is amazing. Ive sent him a text to this thread.
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    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    I guess I can keep on dreaming though but the prospect of a force feedback for shumps bomb button or run and gun type games would be just too fun to forget.
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    Tiny Autofire pcb that fits under a button

    Any chance u can add a rumble motor to it?
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    X Men 6 Player Arcade - 2 LCD screen no lags or software, just hardware.

    Wanna tell us the details? Whatbare those pcbs?
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    ZN1 Bios <V2> board arrives!

    It works as in you can but not to fix the game? Can I buy a couple of these adapters please? or even the eagle file would be nice. You're in the UK as well so shipping shouldn't be that much of a hassle as well. That's if there is a non adapter option available that I don't know about. BTW...