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    Sony PVM 20M4U Crt - $1000 - Louisiana

    Works great. Recapped a couple years ago. Beautiful picture. Some scratches on the top of case, none on the screen. dsub to scart connector is included. Cash only, local pickup. Would consider trading towards a candy. Located in Baton Rouge
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    FS: Vewlix L Cabinet Dragonball Z Theme. $2300 Louisiana

    Original Taito Vewlix L Cabinet (not a chewlix) Cabinet was imported from Japan and completely taken apart,cleaned and repainted. Glass covering original screen was removed. All wiring and internal power was removed and its just a simple HDMI setup for consoles/pc,there is a power brick...
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    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    Awesome. Thanks. I’ll keep an eye out
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    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    If you ever let go of the theatrhythm please lmk. Will buy asap 😄
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    Selling Vewlix L complete internals

    Received a vewlix L from KC and completely stripped the internals to run consoles. Selling this all as one lot,best offer as I don’t know a fair price for all of this. I don’t have a source to feed the monitor(replaced it straight away) but it does power on (green lights on board) so consider...
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    WTT : PVM 20M4U towards Groove Coaster,Nostalgia or Blast

    Just replaced caps,picture is beautiful.
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    I received one last week and spoke to him through email.
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    WTT : PVM 20M4U towards Groove Coaster,Nostalgia or Blast

    Located in Louisiana but willing to meet halfway
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    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    Lol just saw your video. I get a kick out of you climbing all over those cabs haha. I may be interested in one of the Nostalgias if they aren’t spoken for. How does the online/card saving functionality work?
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    it’s also only 60hz and no hdmi 2.1,so no variable refresh. Sucks.
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Thanks. How long did it take for you guys to receive? I placed an order over a week ago and still havent gotten any sort of confirmation.
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Reading the pdf it says to apply a gasket around the edge,anyone have a link to the appropriate size? I haven’t gotten my vewlix yet so trying to get everything I need before it arrives.
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    Pre-Order For Mini Cute Production

    Would be awesome if there was a way to mount a Sony PVM in this. I have a spare M4U that I’d love to put to use.
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    Tatsunoko vs capcom pcb

    What board would you run for the controls? Brooks retro w/ GameCube? That seems expensive for 2 boards just for one game. I’m thinking about doing this and just trying to find the cheapest way. I’m buying a new video card for my spare pc to stick in my vewlix and this game via dolphin is a big...
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    WTB Darksoft CPS2 fully setup

    I’d like to buy a kit fully setup ready to play. I have zero experience with capcom boards (always used groovymame) and wouldn’t want to buy the wrong things.
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    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    That would be nice. I’m in Louisiana and would own way more cabs but the shipping is what kills it for me. Being able to take a few days off work and drive to pick some up would be amazing.
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    K C Game sale

    KC do you have any chewlix/vewlix without monitors for cheaper?
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    WTB Candy Cab Near Las Vegas

    I'm from Louisiana but will be flying down to Vegas to help a buddy move back up here next month. Looking to pick up a cab or two while I'm down there if possible. Looking for Blast,Astro,Viewlix,Chewlix,etc. I know KC has them but that would add another 8 hours to an already long trip,he's my...
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    K C Game sale

    Hi,how much for the Astro's and do you have pictures? Thanks
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    Bouncy or Jumpy picture on New Net City Monitor

    PD2367 Chassis Every once in a while part of the screen will start to bounce,or jump. Is this maybe a horizontal or vertical hold issue? I cant find the pot on this chassis. I recently did a cap kit on it a few months ago and it didnt fix the problem. Video below