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  1. chacal231077

    Namco System 12 and cheat with the RTC-4543 to unlock all characters and options ?

    nem do you have an assembly to propose without burning everything :D ? Can it help ? ?(
  2. chacal231077

    Namco System 12 and cheat with the RTC-4543 to unlock all characters and options ?

    Hi! :) I would like to know if it is possible with an RTC-4543 module on a PCB, program it to make it believe that the time has scrolled long enough to unlock the characters and options more quickly :saint:. Yes I know it's a crazy idea :D but I lost my characters on my Ehrgeiz when I...
  3. chacal231077

    System 11 - Point Blank 2 not turning on

    Two Namco System 11 motherboards with different problem. ;)
  4. chacal231077

    Sega Naomi Pidimboot & Sega PCB Link compatibility Problem

    Hi! :) I have two New Net City Linked with the Sega PCB link kit. The problem with some games in Pidimboot mode like Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble or Border Down ?( I have no control with the 1P. if I don't use the Versus link kit it works without any problem X/ Fighting games work...
  5. chacal231077

    MVC 2 freezes

    Dead or Alive 2 Millennium Naomi Freeze :)
  6. chacal231077

    Sega Naomi Motherboard Fram mode Opinion ?

    Hi ! :) I would like to do a test in Fram FM1808-70-SG on a Naomi motherboard I would like to use the mode used on Sega Saturn. The assembly with the wires on a GND point and +5 to avoid pumping too much on the battery. I need your advice, to know if the assembly with the 2 wires is...
  7. chacal231077

    Naomi motherboard logo sticker ?

    I have PM you too :thumbup:
  8. chacal231077

    Street Fighter Alpha 3 Challenger's Edition - CPS2 Multi

    Hi! is there a procedure to play on a CPS2 version?
  9. chacal231077

    CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs

    The question I've always asked myself Why is Capcom downgrading their Speed level version ?( Street Fighter II: The Sneil Warrior :D a Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting :thumbup: then to Super Street Fighter II: The New Sneil Challengers :whistling:MDR:D To Finally make a 2 X level speed, ?(...
  10. chacal231077

    CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs

    Finally someone who understood me Yippee. :thumbsup: Whenever I talked about the possibility of a patch to be able to increase the speed of the SSFII, we talked about going to 2X. Yes 2X in Tournament Battle was part of my big dream in arcade, but SSFII: The New Challengers also deserves a...
  11. chacal231077

    CPS2 Tournament Link PCBs

    1: if we could find a patch to speed up the game :love: And 2 nd : If hursit :thumbup: could make a repro of all the goodies of this game, the long pop :rolleyes:above the cabs and the stickers of the players from 1 to 8 in repositionable sticker 8) Yes I know I dream :D :saint:
  12. chacal231077

    Sega Naomi 1 Motherboard Black Screen and Other

    Hi! :) I got a Naomi Black screen motherboard for not too much money. :saint: I was just thinking about changing the RAM chips, but something called me digital microscope . The super smart Sega 315-6119 Yamaha sound processor chip that was blistered and a little cracked . So I changed...
  13. chacal231077

    Test the status of D4564323G5-A10-9JH chips ?

    Hi! stj :) Ah ok ok :thumbup: I will open a new thread for my Naomi black screen. If you want to participate :saint:
  14. chacal231077

    Test the status of D4564323G5-A10-9JH chips ?

    Hi! :) I would like to know if we can test the status of chips D4564323G5-A10-9JH with an eprom programmer ? I have a Naomi Black Screen motherboard. I don't know what chips are located for this problem ? Apparently they are in pairs when they malfunction :S I have several new chips but...
  15. chacal231077

    [Repair Log] Sega Naomi

    Hi! :) I can't find the RAM (IC106 and IC107) on my Naomi 1 motherboard ?( Is this Ram location only on Naomi 2 :?: Thanks You
  16. chacal231077

    Replacement of MX26L12811 Naomi Cartridge

    Hi! :) I would like to know if we could use this type of chip to replace the faulty MX26L12811 with this K9F1G08U0F-SCB0 Samsung K9F1G08U0F-SCB0 Data Sheet if yes what is your idea :thumbup: Thanks :saint:
  17. chacal231077

    MP07-IONA-US JVS/USB I/O Board: Worldwide Sales & Troubleshooting Thread

    Hi! :) I managed to get it working with JVS to Jamma from River service eventually. I tried with Tekken Namco System 11 and Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 PS3 The problem is that I can't map the change of the kick button, which is on the L1 button :S I managed to make Tekken 3 Namco System 12 work...
  18. chacal231077

    Capcom ZN-2 Stereo Breakout board

    Hi :) Has anyone managed this setup with no issues ?
  19. chacal231077

    MVS Labels , where to buy need sources

    hursit :) You can make Japanese Labels on Holographic paper pleaseeee ;(
  20. chacal231077

    PGM charging circuit question

    Hi! :) Can we install an ML2032 and without removing the resistor ?