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  1. fatmikerocks

    Long time lurker, first time poster! Can anyone recommend me a good supergun to start out with?

    Hi welcome! Maybe check yahoo Japan for a Vega 9000dx. I bought one awhile back for the control panel and seems to be a quality build. Shipping cost was a bit rough though!
  2. fatmikerocks

    SOLD - Astro, Pony, Blast, Tempest MORE! Cabs in Bay Area California

    If this is what you’re getting rid of you must have some nice cabs that you’re keeping!
  3. fatmikerocks

    FS: NEC XM29 with Remote SOLD

    Thanks @BanishingFlatsAC! It was nice meeting you too.
  4. fatmikerocks

    The history of Strider

    Nice work! I enjoyed the video and the humor.
  5. fatmikerocks

    Poor man's Candy Cab?

    My first setup was an arcade monitor on a tv stand, a dell pc, arcade vga with amp and 2 Qanba Q4 controllers. It was pretty great to lounge on the futon and get into some games.
  6. fatmikerocks

    Hi from México

    Welcome! Congratulations on the cabs.
  7. fatmikerocks

    hi. everyone. i am yaton

    Hi Yaton welcome to the forums. I purchased some Aero City parts from you a few years back on eBay. Very happy with everything.
  8. fatmikerocks

    Looking for a Taito Egret II (got a NAC instead)

    Congrats on the cab! Hopefully the monitor can be repaired
  9. fatmikerocks

    New CRT monitor purchases as of May 2021 - Do you know any good sites?

    I would read up on the Wells Gardner 9200/9400 monitors. I think they’re know to be problematic and difficult to work on.
  10. fatmikerocks

    Can anyone tell me if they've had positive experiences with Yaton?

    I bought a bunch of Aero City parts off him that I’m pleased with. Got a monitor bezel advertised no cracks(small cracks), a control panel bezel, and a pair of the casters. All items in fair condition and reasonably priced.
  11. fatmikerocks

    FS: A few candy cabs up for sale

    I almost bought that MVS U4 29 back when it was listed on the Neo Geo forums.
  12. fatmikerocks

    Sega Aero City! Great cabinets.

    Wow you must have maxed out the weight limit of your vehicle. Aero’s are heavy!!!
  13. fatmikerocks

    Kavas' Sega Aero City Restoration

    This video shows someone installing new speakers and an amp in an aero city. Seems like the ones he found fit.
  14. fatmikerocks

    * SOLD Mitsubishi Megaview XC3725C 37" CRT Monitor w/ OSSC and Roadie Box $1200

    The geometry looks excellent for such a large display. Very nice monitor!
  15. fatmikerocks

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    I would be interested in 2x43cm stools if possible. Thanks.
  16. fatmikerocks

    Repro Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    Ok thank you for the info.
  17. fatmikerocks

    Repro Aero city panel 6/5/2020 update!

    How do I place and order? I never received the pm with payment information.
  18. fatmikerocks

    Voultar’s “Capcom Classics” Jamma Adapter

    Had my NES rgb modded by Voultar. He’s a good guy and does excellent work.
  19. fatmikerocks

    SOLD: 2x Capcom Mini Cute

    Damn, must be hard letting those go! I don’t think I could do it.