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  1. MissionFailed

    WTB: Blue nintendo VS. cab

    looking for a Original Blue Vs. Cab (original parts / restored). If anyone can help me locate one that would be swell. Getting it to put some Jamma boards in it with a converter board. It would look really nice next to my blue dk3. :D
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    K C Game sale

    Do Jamma to JVS adapters introduce any lag? Only reason I ask Is a few adapters listed on ebay have a note in the description about introducing lag. Didn't know if that was do to their hardware design choices for adapter or if that's a common issues running Jamma in a JVS cab.
  3. MissionFailed

    FOUND: Donkey kong 3 in a Blue cab

    time spent finding this cab. I came to the opinion that N dk cabs are *like* the woodie ver. of a candy cab. You could really do a lot with them and they *fit* better in a home environment then generic midways and dynamos. There are loads of them, *relatively* low cost barrier, high...
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    FOUND: Donkey kong 3 in a Blue cab

    thanks man, appreciate it and pretty excited. finding one in a blue cab took some time. really wanted to avoid "defacing" anything original to do a conversion. Dk3 was my favorite game at the arcade in the 80's looks and fits really nice in this closet. just enough space for a blue vs. cab...
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    Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread

    Awesome. Does behaving like a normal cart only apply when in gameboot mode? You would have to initial setup each cart individually. Correct? Setting to Gameboot mode, one cart at a time before populating multiple slots. 4 slot Numerical order? Official cart --> Gameboot mode ---> Gameboot...
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    Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread

    Not at the moment. Was trying to internet search if anyone else has tried it, before running out and buying multiples. even if the 3 game spaces per cart doesn't work. Running in game boot mode and using each cart as a single game space would eliminate switching out physical carts. If it...
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    Darksoft Neo Multi Help thread

    Is there any issues with running more then one multmvs cart on a 4 slot or 6 slot? Other then putting a Official cart in the first or last slot (bios dictates). Couldn't find any info on running more then one on the same pcb.
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    FOUND: Donkey kong 3 in a Blue cab

    Been looking for a Donky Kong 3 in an Original Nintendo blue cab (original parts / restored). I would take a blue DK cab and a DK3 install kit. Just been trying to find one without having to track down more parts to do a conversion. Most of the DK3 I've seen available are in atomic orange...
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    SOLD - F/S Nintendo 64 Ultra HDMI HW2

    The Rom hacking / fan game scene for n64 is really thriving. So many good rom hacks and full games that work on the system with a flash cart. There are 3 or 4 full length fan made zelda games that are pretty fun. mario64 with a portal gun is fun. Bunch of Banjo-Kazooie fan games. Tons of...
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    Happy 2020!!

    If I cant get a giant robot with a sword in 2020, then I'll settle for a 1cc.
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    WTB: Psikyo PCBs

    GL. If I see some available listings I will PM the links to you. That's not a bad price. GB2 has been around $140-$200 on YHJ for the past few years. I could see someone paying that if they didnt want to wait for one to pop up on YHJ and deal with fees, shipping or bidding wars. +/- $200...
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    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    what about a gamecube to ps2 controller adapter? For if your running a xbox360/ps3/wii setup? Wii + citrus 3k hdmi + Vewlix Console I/O would be a nice set up. Could get your...
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    Console JAMMAizer! Easily connect home consoles to your JAMMA arcade cabinet.

    This project doesn't take away from cabs. It adds TV input functionality to a cab. It's a space saver and a cost effective way to play games without paying any inflated secondary market cost. It makes these games playable on home cabs in a more cost effective way. It's a approachability...