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  1. XianXi

    CPS3 Mobo

    What's the going rate for a CPS3 mobo? Friend has a multi setup and the mobo seems to be failing so he might need a replacement. I looked at a bunch of places and see ranges like $300-500 for just the mobo. Any help on pricing is appreciated.
  2. XianXi

    Sega Fan Replacements

    Is the Naomi the only system fan that has to be altered (length and connector)? I'm trying to round up a bunch of fans for Lindberg, Chihiro, Naomi, Ringedge etc. for a customer. I saw a few posts but they didn't mention anything about length or connectors having to be changed so am I correct...
  3. XianXi

    Ring Edge 2 replacement fan size?

    Anyone know what size the fan is?
  4. XianXi

    JNX Namco 2X6 Kick Harness Adapter

    This is the Namco 2X6 Kick harness adapter. Like the other JNX kick adapters, it supports CPS1, CPS2, Midway H1, F3 and STV. The 2X6 is made for the Namco 246 and 256 systems with the 10pin kick connector. There are 2 sets of 10 pin sockets, 1 set is specifically for the two Capcom fighters on...
  5. XianXi

    JNX Namco X Kick Harness Adapter

    This is the Namco X, it is made for people running dedicated Namco System 11 & 12 game cabinets and want to play other non-Namco fighting games. The Namco X plugs into the stock Namco 48 pin kick harness (Looks like a mini Jamma harness). The adapter supports 6 button fighters as well as the...
  6. XianXi

    Need an MVS Repair Man

    I am completely booked for repairs but I have some repair requests from customers that are desperate for a repair due to quarantine boredom. Probably good to post your location as it’s good to know as many as possible.
  7. XianXi

    Weird MVS Video DAC MV1C

    I’ve been trying to figure this one out for a while. Looking at the color bars, you can see there is a problem in the middle, usually it’s a DAC problem. -All resistors checkout -Both LS273s are working properly -LS05 is working properly Usually when there’s a DAC problem, it’s one of those...
  8. XianXi

    JNX CJ Controller Adapters DB15 (Open Hardware)

    This is the JNX CJ DB15 Controller adapter. It is made specifically for use with a Retroelectronik Supergun paired with the Retroelectronik Sega Genesis Controller adapter. The JNX CJ flips the punches and kicks correcting it to Punches on X-Y-Z and kicks on A-B-C like they should be. Pricing...
  9. XianXi

    Capcom Captain Commando Hardware

    I have a Black Tiger that needs a new epoxy module, does anyone know if the modules from the same hardware category are swappable with Black Tiger? And yes, I'm referring to the Black box on the PCB. Edit: Unless one of the badasses here makes...
  10. XianXi

    Ikari Warriors (3stack) - P1 Coin not Working

    Ikari Warriors (3 Stack PCB) Issue -P1 Coin not Working Fix: Using logic probe, pin is dead, no high or low. First checked the 2xV06B diodes as they are used to pull it high. Diode for P2 was working fine, pulled the other diode and noticed that someone replaced them with IN4002 diodes which...
  11. XianXi

    JNX Phase - New Fighting Adapter for Your Dedicated Neo Geo cab

    This is a project that I've been working on for 2 years now and we have finally got it to a version where I'm happy with all that it does. The JNX Phase uses the already known 1+2=3 button method found in Samurai Shodown. Using that logic, the JNX Phase let's you play your favorite 6 button...
  12. XianXi

    JNX Raiden - CPS1/CPS2 to Mortal Kombat Adapter

    First and foremost, this is not a kick harness condenser. If you need one of those, please contact @Mitsurugi-w The JNX Raiden converts a CPS1/CPS2 kick harness to be used on: Mortal Kombat and the Midway H1 series: Mortal Kombat 2-4 Killer Instinct 1-2 Wrestlemania War Gods The JNX Raiden...
  13. XianXi

    JNX Shift - A Neo Geo Adapter (Open Hardware)

    ***NOW AVAILABLE*** This is the JNX Shift, an inline button remap for the Neo Geo CD joypad. We all have used one before and majority of us hate the button layout. With the Shift, you simply just move the jumpers to how you want them to be. Each button has a set of 4 jumpers. For the shift to...
  14. XianXi

    JNX Rage - JAMMA Adapter for Primal Rage

    The JNX Rage is a JAMMA adapter for the Primal Rage Arcade board. Pictured is v1.0. -Supports Negatron to add -5v -Test Switch moveable via jumper (MVS or JAMMA) -Supports Mono/stereo sound, selectable via Jumper Coming in v1.1 -CPS1 and CPS2 Kick harness Support to keep proper button...
  15. XianXi

    JNX Sega 839-0158 Repro Headphone Board

    Someone asked me to repro this board found in Aero Tables and maybe other cabs. You will need some plastic spacers when mounting it to prevent it from sitting on the metal beneath it. Price is $18 plus shipping due to the low run. I only have a few of these so if you by chance need one, shoot...
  16. XianXi

    JNX Big Red - JAMMA to MVS Board Adapter

    The new JNX Big Red is a JAMMA to MVS board adapter. -It converts JAMMA mono audio to Neo GEO MVS format. -Supports a voltmeter as well as the Negatron for adding -5v to your JAMMA board. Adapter has a 3 pin socket to simply plug in the Negatron (not shown). -Also lets you remap the JAMMA...
  17. XianXi

    Neo Geo RGBS Signals difference between MVS and AES

    Does anyone off hand know the different values of the video output from say a 1st Gen AES and an MV1C? Reason I ask is because I have a small LCD in my work room that displays component via a CMVS no problem but won't display component from the 1st Gen board version AES. What is it about the 1st...
  18. XianXi

    JNX Spitfire - JAMMA Rapid Fire Inline Adapter

    This has been in the making since the LazyFinger, this is the same circuit as the LazyFinger, but instead for JAMMA cabs. Fine tune the rapidfire to your liking on the fly. Supports rapid fire on both A and B buttons per player with individual on/off switches in case you don't want to mess with...
  19. XianXi

    CPS2 Multi Micro SD

    Do I need to extract the files from the RAR and transfer on the microSD or just drop it on the card as is?
  20. XianXi

    JNX Lazy Finger - Inline DB15 Rapid Fire Adapter

    ***See Post #10 for updated pics of release version*** ***New stock coming in January 2016*** The JNX Lazy Finger. I thought of this one day when I was playing Metal slug without any rapid fire and thought that an inline solution would be best as it can be used on any Neogeo or supergun(based...