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  1. meybarra

    FS Evoland: Legendary Edition Switch

    $80 plus shipping
  2. meybarra

    FS Axiom Verge Switch

    $30 plus shipping
  3. meybarra

    FS Windy Gaming ATP-300 Supergun & Fierce Fightstick

    $300 $250 $200 Includes the supergun, power cable, composite/s-video av cables, scart cable, cheap db15 controller cables, adapters for undamned compatibility, and corresponding fierce fightstick. The stick has a db15/neogeo connector for direct supergun control plus a Brook ufb with usb...
  4. meybarra

    SOLD Progear CPS2 B-board Conversion

    I ended up trading this and a Street Fighter II X to settle debts with a local friend. $140 shipped (US only) or Local pickup (Stafford, VA) for $60 and a 6-pack of beer (Troegenator please). Notice the vertical lines in the image. I couldn't get a good seat on my A-board. Another B-board...
  5. meybarra

    Free JVC D-Series TV (AV-27D104)

    Local pickup only (Stafford, VA 22554) This one is a bit of a dud. It had a bad red tint when. I first got it. I turned down one of the red settings in the service menu to help. I couldn't get an acceptable black level without crushing the image. The attached images are through s-video after...
  6. meybarra

    SOLD X-Men Vs. Street Fighter $100 local pickup

    Blue CPS2 B-board only Still on battery Local pickup only (Stafford, VA 22554)
  7. meybarra

    DJ Mixer Rack - Cabinet Base

    Spitballing here...Anyone consider using a DJ rack as a base for a diy cabinet? Some of these products advertise loads up to 175 lbs. Perhaps enough for any display (including crt), control panel, and boards. What do you think? Good start or dead end?
  8. meybarra

    ExpressCard Notebook CF Adapter

    I just received an ExpressCard CF adapter I purchased via Amazon: It didn’t play well with the CF Tools ataid.exe program and output an ataid message, “error, identity failed on device.” Looking at the label on my...
  9. meybarra

    B Board Mod Log (Rev 7, G pal)

    I finally got around to installing a ds kit on a rev 7 g pal board when I ran into a missing socket problem like this: Against the good advice of wiser men, I’m trying my hand...
  10. meybarra

    Positive Feedback for SNK-NEO-GEO

    I’ve purchased a fair amount of boards from this gentleman. Always a pleasure. He’s a super cool guy who would never ask you to help move a huge CRT.
  11. meybarra

    Found: GAHAHA Ippatsu-dou (Namco System10) PCB

    Anyone willing to part with one of these boards? I’d like to use this with my HAS supergun setup. Let me know if you have suggestions to address the “frog eyes” controls. Was there ever a console port of this game?