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  1. undamned

    Not Dead!

    Sorry I've been MIA. My mind was stuck on a few things. But I'm back! It will take me a bit to catch up on PMs and whatnot, but I'm looking forward to it. I missed you guys :) -ud
  2. undamned

    WTB: Rockman / Mega Man Games

    Long ago I went bananas building a Mega Man / Rockman collection. Recently I was digging through it all and realized there are still a few items I would still like to fill in. Here's what I'm after: PS1 JP Rockman 8 sealed PS1 JP Rockman X3 sealed PS1 JP Rockman X4 sealed GB PAL Mega Man IV...
  3. undamned

    Cheap Golden Tee Project Cab (pickup, PA)

    Not mine, but maybe someone here wants a cheap project :D
  4. undamned

    FS: Knuckle Bash PCB (+ Art, Manual, Box)

    I can't remember the last time I played it, so probably a good time to convert to cash :) I believe it's a Korean version (note the lack of JAMMA key slot). Feel free to google around for images of other PCBs, but I don't believe it to be a bootleg. Original art and manual included, as well...
  5. undamned

    [ALL SOLD] Plastation SCPH-5501 Consoles for X-Station ODE mod

    I have a few SCPH-5501 Playstations that would be great motherboard donors for X-Station ODE: - Video (Comp, S, RGB) - OK - Audio - OK- P1 & P2 Control - OK - Memory 1 & 2 - OK - CD Drive - BAD - CD Button - [some stuck] - Power Supply - OK - Power Button - [some intermittent] No...
  6. undamned

    Faulty SSFIIX A+B: Sprite Corruption and Intermittent Layer Priority Issues

    While sorting out the last of the faulty CPS2 on my shelf, I got to an SSFIIX A+B set with multiple graphic/behavioral issues. My first move was to check the main program EPROMs. While removing those, I noticed one EPROM had a pin broken off. Repaired that, but still multiple issues. Besides...
  7. undamned

    FS: CPS1.5 Tenchi Wo Kurau II (JP Warriors of Fate) + InfiniKeys

    Internals are great. Fitted with InfiniKeys on C-Board and Q-Sound board, so totally original hardware/ROMs without the battery worries. Case is pretty terrible! If you care about the case condition, this is not for you! $450 (or trade for Saturday Night Slam Masters / Muscle Bomber)...
  8. undamned

    FS: Arcadia Magazines (JP Arcade)

    Cleaning out the garage I found my giant box of old JP arcade mags. I'm looking for $200 shipped in the USA (via "media mail." International shipping would likely cost a mint one something this heavy). If you think that price is too high, please provide me some references as to what this...
  9. undamned

    FS: Misc. Original Art / Manuals (Konami, Capcom, Sega)

    I'm Cleaning out the garage and finding stuff that was mostly forgotten years ago :) [Konami] Turtles in Time marquee and maual - $100, marquee is fairly presentable with a few scratched areas on front upper edge, manual is excellent! [Konami] Battlantis side-art - $50, lovely art, but...
  10. undamned

    FS: UD needs cash PCB $ale! [ALL SOLD]

    UD Game Tech is doing fine, but my personal "fun money" is hurting pretty badly! Some of the great games that have been in my collection for a while aren't getting the love they could get elsewhere, and I'd like to convert them to cash: [Konami] Simpsons - $400, clean board, everything working...
  11. undamned

    Akira Comic Books (1988 colorized by Marvel/Epic)

    I have 2 full sets (#1-38) that I collected back in the day. One better condition than the other. No idea what they are worth. I do know that last few issues are highly sought after because there was a long gap between their release and the first 35 or so and some shops didn't bother to order...
  12. undamned

    WTB: CPS1 games with batteries (Capcom Quiz World 2, etc.)

    Looking for these: Capcom World 2 King of Dragons Quiz & Dragons Three Wonders Varth Willing to trade/partial trade my Final Fight towards one of these. Thanks! -ud
  13. undamned

    FS: Lots of PCBs & Carts!

    Bunch of stuff for sale! Items located in USA. Prices do not include shipping. Open to offers. Add to any order any qty of InfiniKey CPS2 for $10 each :) Taito F3 Cart (JP): Bubble Memories (aka Bubble Bobble III) - excellent condition - $175 Working CPS2: 19XX JP B - case rough/dirty...
  14. undamned

    WTB: Block Block (Capcom)

    With or without the JAMMA adapter, dead or alive. Of course those items will affect what I'm willing to pay :) -ud
  15. undamned

    FS/FT: Bucky O' Hare (WTT for CPS1.5)

    Great condition (will post pics soon). Sound still working fine. Looking for $500 or any CPS1.5 game (provided it is not a conversion). I'm still working on CPS1/Kabuki InfiniKeys and I need another test set to compare to my Saturday Night Slam Masters. UPDATE: Bucky - ON HOLD - -ud
  16. undamned


    InfiniKey-KABUKI will handle both dedicated PCBs and Q-Sound (aka CPS Dash, CPS 1.5) audio boards. Dedicated KABUKI games: Adventure Quiz 2 Hatena ? no Dai-Bouken Block Block Capcom Baseball Capcom World Dokaben Mahjong Gakuen 2 Gakuen-chou no Fukushuu Pang / Pomping World / Buster Bros...
  17. undamned


    It's happening, boys. InfiniKey-CPS1 will handle C-board (C.P.S.-B-21 chip) encryption key writing. CPS1 games that only have encrypted C-board: *Capcom World 2 [TESTED] Captain Commando [TESTED] King of Dragons Knights of the Round [TESTED] Quiz & Dragons [TESTED] Three Wonders [TESTED]...
  18. undamned

    STV Racing/Redemption game, チョロQ ハイパーレーシング5

    Believe it or not, this is an STV game: If anyone wants to buy it for teh lolz, there's a cart on YAJ: -ud
  19. undamned

    CPS1 Board Repair (B21 / DL-0921 chips in plentiful supply)

    Arcade Hacker recently posted up that he found a nice supply of new old stock B21 / DL-0921 chips. He even ordered some and verified that they are legit: Maybe this will help keep some A boards out of the trash? -ud
  20. undamned


    Mini project: InfiniKey-CPS2. Use original game code without risk of battery failure or damage. Injects appropriate decryption key when the game is powered up. Works on all board revisions. Installation requires only a few simple solder points. 93646B-6/7 install: 93646B-3/4 install...