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  1. Hydreigon

    Konami warzaid help

    This made me shed a tear in happiness. I wish you luck on getting the other monitor working so we can see the intro in high definition widescreen :).
  2. Hydreigon

    Konami warzaid help not only not what I meant but the game would have failed to boot regardless if you swapped the right edge connectors (from the two viper boards). Swapping the right edge connectors meant you had the left pcb communicate with the I/O board and the right communicate with the gun board. I...
  3. Hydreigon

    Konami warzaid help

    If you have tools to listen to the serial link, do so. I'm curious to know what happens if you plug the serial connector to the other gun board? Also boards in the gun should not matter but because this is a complete unit, I'd keep them plugged in.
  4. Hydreigon

    Konami warzaid help

    Maybe the gun board doesn't refer to the OMZ gun board but instead that gmc22-pwb board. Check connections between the slave pcb (#2) and that gmc22 board. Edit: There should be another pcb under that board named gyb09-pwb. If that pcb isn't present, then you can't do much. The wiring diagram...
  5. Hydreigon

    Sega Model 3 with LCD monitor

    All Sega Model 3 games run at medium resolution 25khz. Most people resorted to a video converter to run these Model 3 games on LCDs (VGA or HDMI). A GBS 8200 should work fine but I do recommend you do some mods to that to slightly increase the picture quality.
  6. Hydreigon

    CHIHIRO TYPE 3: New Firmware !

    Expect a pic in a few days. Fortunately, I am getting a spare network board in the future from a friend of mine. Imo single Outrun 2 cabs not having a network board to link other cabs seemed...strange. At least with Ghost Squad you couldn't network other cabs so Sega couldn't find any reason to...
  7. Hydreigon

    CHIHIRO TYPE 3: New Firmware !

    So I read through all this thread on updating the type 3 firmware and it seems it requires a network board. Unfortunately I'm out of luck because of the fact the Chihiro I have doesn't have a network board (some games don't come shipped with these boards). Finding one won't be easy either. The...
  8. Hydreigon

    Random Chihiro Type-3 Info Thread

    Looking at the Ghost Squad cab I done work with, I'd eventually like to ditch the GD-Rom drive to load game data from an SSD. Any idea what additional prerequisites are required I am missing? The Chihiro unit itself is a type 3 with 512 mb ram but has no network board (Ghost Squad cabs don't...
  9. Hydreigon

    hi. everyone. i am yaton

    I remember buying some stuff from you in the past. It's been a rocky road with some things but glad to see you here.
  10. Hydreigon

    gbs 8200 in high impact football

    Their games with network play are known for any slave machine adjusting refresh rates on the fly to keep up with the master machine. It's a problem for some LCD monitors and converters. I had no issues with linking two Motocross Go pcbs, running on Namco System 23, with the craptacular GBS HDMI...
  11. Hydreigon

    gbs 8200 in high impact football

    Williams and Midway are known for abusing CRTC related parameters to change the refresh rates on the fly. It's difficult to get these games running on anything but a CRT. Edit: Maybe I am incorrect but it's been a while since I seen a GBS related thread like this. Edit 2: I am going to have to...
  12. Hydreigon

    Help: Nanao MS9 sync problem

    Glad to see progress. I myself decided to look at the better quality schematics for my broken MS9. Unfortunately, mine is irrepairable unless I get a parts MS9 (looking for T901). The winding between pins 2 and 4 is shorted rendering this transformer useless. How this winding ended up shorted...
  13. Hydreigon

    Crisis Zone + 246 games IR led replacement tests - Work in progress

    I could use some spare original Namco style gun shells someday (because of the grips designed different).
  14. Hydreigon

    Repriced Fs Neo Geo / Andamiro / Konami

    Arcade hardware documentation is extremely important imo especially for obscure systems. I tend to look at things from the hardware side more than software. I also think preserving I/O mcu firmware is more important than HLE. Edit: You may want to read this...
  15. Hydreigon

    Repriced Fs Neo Geo / Andamiro / Konami

    If anyone has better pics of these Konami I/O boards, let me know. There is no documentation on these boards yet openitg managed to hle the boards (and without documenting which I/O mcus the original boards used; seriously?).
  16. Hydreigon

    Ghost Squad (Sega Chihiro) with everything unlocked.

    It'd be nice for Ghost Squad arcade machine owners to have a hacked version that unlocks all the content locked behind a card reader (pretty much like with Ghost Squad Evolution on Lindbergh). This would help ops running this game on location so we don't have to deal with anything card reader...
  17. Hydreigon

    Namco System 246 emulation on PCSX2

    If you can send the TLCS-870 MCU to a decapping service to dump the internal rom, then yes it would be helpful. C448 is known to be some interface between two different CPUs. It's also found on some System 12 addon boards for the main cpu to communicate its additional cpu located on the addon...
  18. Hydreigon

    Interest check: FRAM to DALLAS / ST pinout circuit boards for Konami suicide batteries

    I believe this person did something similar: View: Most Konami games only check the first sixteen bytes of the timekeeper from 0x0->0xF with a 16-bit checksum at 0xE-?0xF. While it wasn't really difficult to figure out the significance of how those...
  19. Hydreigon

    Crisis Zone + 246 games IR led replacement tests - Work in progress

    I forgot to mention that the Rays pcb, with an SH-4 processor, is susceptible to BGA related issues with some solder joints becoming loose (most likely failure to communicate with main board or unresponsive inputs). On the other hand, this is rather a bit of a smaller scale BGA issue compared to...
  20. Hydreigon

    Crisis Zone + 246 games IR led replacement tests - Work in progress

    I see the gun in the picture isn't a original Namco gun but instead that "named/nameo chinese aftermarket gun. It looks all used as opposed to new. I wonder where you got that gun from? What you did would be beneficial to any Japanese Time Crisis 3 owners that have trouble finding those original...