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    Neo Geo Covers

    Fancy having a bash at this??
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    Picture tremble

    I’m far from a technical guy, so please take this with a pinch of salt. Any chance the PSU or step down are near the chassis or monitor? I picked up a cab with an internal step down that was causing screen wobble/tremble. Removed it, and started using an external step down and the picture is...
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    U4 modifications

    It looks like it might be going in for repair, and while it's there it'll get a service and new quiet fans too... Fingers crossed it works!! Do you have a link? I've managed to find the service manual for the XM29, which I'm told is a very similar model, but I can't find one specific to the 4PG
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    U4 modifications

    The reason the monitor moved to the middle is that I have an order on the way from Axun, and the Windy II only has a 1p panel. With the Axun bits, I'd have been able to mirror the Windy to the monitor for the rare occasion I can find a player 2. RIP NEC monitor
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    U4 modifications

    So, this is the saddest thing ever... This should be my complete, final form setup. Upgraded to an NEC 4PG Multisync monitor. Was twatting about with it today, and managed to blow it up. Horizontal collapse. While it was working, it was beautiful!!
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    U4 modifications

    Bit of an update coming… big upgrade to the PVM 😎
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    U4 modifications

    I’d love to put one back on, but finding the coin entry was hard enough 😒
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    U4 modifications

    I do have a spare CP, but it’s pretty rusty. I’m told it’d be suitable to be chromed, but there’s no point in having two. I might see if it’s capable of being painted white so I could have the cab as intended too if I choose. If the rust is so bad that it’s only suitable for being chemically...
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    U4 modifications

    It was £200… Not cheap, but I think it was worth it…
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    Today I worked on lots o’ cabs!

    Alchemy… straight alchemy
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    Very cool 😎 I’ve just put my multi into the green Jansen case. I’m an absolute noob with a soldering iron, so I managed to attach the wires for the test and volume button extensions to the A board, but I had to enlist the help of the mighty @yosai with the right angle connector for the LCD...
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    Operation Killmeister: New Neo Geo AES/MVS Game

    View: It’s now suggesting “Spring 2023” Not much info on the game itself yet…
  13. C - Darksoft CPS2 Case Setup

    A new run?!? Damn!! Managed to find an unused green case, and very happy with it I am too, but I’ve always been low key disappointed I didn’t get the ‘Capcom’ blue and yellow. I’m going to have to invest I think. I don’t need two cases, but this is something I’m going to keep forever so I...
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    This would make me sad!! Gunforce is my intended donor board… First I’ve heard of this though. This thread seems fairly explicit that all M92 boards are suitable donors…
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    Operation Killmeister: New Neo Geo AES/MVS Game

    I’ll certainly take a look. I like supporting indie devs. I know indie titles like this are a bit hit and miss, but there are some solid efforts out there too. Let’s hope this is another good one…
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    Kraut Buster Grey Spine MVS Insert?

    So, I’ve got my small collection of MVS games in shock boxes, and I’ve chosen the cover inserts so that they all have the uniform grey spine. I also have two NG Dev games (Fast Striker and Kraut Buster) that both have full art covers including the spine. All well and good. However, I recently...
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    Toaplan Test Box

    We definitely need a Sigma/Axun quality supergun made to closely resemble this thing!! It’s like a piece of art!!
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    Negative feedback thread for kcarcadegame

    What?! That’s ridiculous Who on Earth is this KC chap, and why would anyone buy from him?!
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    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    Quick question anyone who has one can probably answer… It has inputs for Sigma sticks, but I’ve only just learnt that the older 9000TB sticks and the newer 3TB sticks are wired differently. Which Sigma sticks are compatible with the Axun CBox?