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    WTB: Rev 2 Fighting Hyper Neo Geo 64 motherboard

    Hi there, Maybe have one , don't know the rev, will look at. But i'm in France.
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    Naomi 1 compact flash question

    Hi there, I want to know what is needed to use a compact flash reader on Naomi 1 , is the net dimboard needed ? Don't really want multi, but some game i wanted, so if i could write a few on flash ... Thanks.
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    EXAMU eX-Board owners thread

    Hi, I have a question about ex-board with daemon bride, does anyone knows if it Can be switched between 15 and 31 kHz ? I have only 15khz at home, and i'm not sure the board Can dispay on it. Thanks
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    FS: Pcb's, Namco guns.

    Pm sent
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    PCB's for sale

    Pm sent
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    PCB's for sale

    Hi , where are you located ? thanks
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    Irem M92 Multi Game Support

    Hi, Interested too. +1
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    Big Jamma Sale - Everything must go.

    Hello, I've send you a pm, for Taito F3 cartridge and stv. Will resend.