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  1. dewmansnk

    AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB

    The power supply was mounted in the most difficult possible way unfortunately. I unscrewed the wood board and mounted the power supply with screws up from the bottom, then reinstalled the wood board. I was hoping someone would eventually make a 3D printed mount that the power supply could snap...
  2. dewmansnk

    WTB: Sega Naomi Power Supply / Sun Power Supply

    That is really what started me down this path of replacing the Wei-ya PSU. I could get good enough 5V regulation to run most JAMMA games, but it would not supply stable 3.3V via the JVS power connectors to run a NAOMI netboot setup. I didn't want to get a step down and bother with all that so I...
  3. dewmansnk

    Is Toshiba 1843 better than 9929?

    PB9929 Microcontroller-TMP87CK38N Video Amp-M52337SP Deflection IC - NEC C1883CT (NEC uPC 1883) PD1843 Microcontroller-TMP87CM38N-5NF5 Video Amp-LM1269NA Deflection IC - NEC C1888FCT (NEC uPC 1888 ) PD2367 Microcontroller-TMP87CM38NG Video Amp-LM1269NA Deflection IC - NEC C1888FCT (NEC uPC...
  4. dewmansnk

    This may sound like a dumb question but - limiters for a JAMMA harness?

    This is the correct fix, an external sense line connected close to the PCB to detect the change in load and adjust the output voltage accordingly.
  5. dewmansnk

    SOLD: Sencore CR70 "Beam Builder" CRT Analyzer and Restorer

    PM Sent, been looking for one of these.
  6. dewmansnk

    FS: Wire harnesses of all kinds, custom work

    NNC Remote board is JST EH 5-pin on both sides.
  7. dewmansnk

    JIS screwdrivers? NOT Amazon? Got a decent hobby store near by? I really like my Tamiya #2L screwdriver
  8. dewmansnk

    best arcade power supply?

    I have had pretty good results with the Meanwell QP-150-3A (150 Watt). They even make a slightly beefier version the QP-200-3A. I have had no issue running any JAMMA boards or Naomi netboot setups. They are quad output power supplies that have 3.3, 5, 12, and -5 Volts, so they cover all the bases.
  9. dewmansnk

    Yoke and tube specs for monitors

    Well, PFX and PF have near compatible yokes. The horizontal inductance is pretty close between the 2 so no issues there. The vertical inductance on the PF yokes is in the neighborhood of 12-14mH, whereas the PFX is around 7-8mH. If you put the Tosh PF chassis on the PFX tube, you will likely...
  10. dewmansnk

    Hitachi gmk29fs2

    Replacing the whole cable is going to be more of a pain. You would need to build it or hit up one of the cable builders on here. Even with someone to make the cable, you are going to have a hard time finding the crimp pins for the JST JAMMA connector. What it looks like is the cable got damaged...
  11. dewmansnk

    Hitachi gmk29fs2

    Start with the wiring bc that splice looks really dodgy. Do you have a multimeter and can check connectivity ? On the monitor chassis, you want to disconnect the video input cable and verify that you can get a solid connection from the JAMMA pins to that video input cable connector. Having a bad...
  12. dewmansnk

    Easy way to change button layouts (Neo Candy)

    Yes on the fly button changes is something that was key to my design. Let just say those stock AWSD panels just got more useful ;)
  13. dewmansnk

    Easy way to change button layouts (Neo Candy)

    I got a remap and auto-fire board in the works. Pretty close to done, just finalizing some last minute details. 6 button support, full remapping of any button to any Jamma input. Separate frames on / frames off auto fire configuration for odd ball fire rates (30, 20, 15, 12, 10,... Hz) . Also...
  14. dewmansnk

    Released: Gaelco Conversions. Squash or Thunder Hoop into Biomechanical Toy

    Necro bump, finally picked up a Squash and I am about half way through this conversion. For the Crystal Oscillator: 24 MHz Crystal Oscillator - 14-DIP (4 Lead) package This is the one I am ordering...
  15. dewmansnk

    Relay clicking and no image Toshiba D29CQ51 / PB9929

    Those top 3 relays are used to add in S-Caps and bypass a linearity coil - these are needed as you switch frequencies (15, 24, 31) to keep the picture from having squished sides or top. I am pretty sure that even with these 3 relays missing you would not cause a total loss of picture, just...
  16. dewmansnk

    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    One thing I have always wanted, even if it is not exactly correct for the cab, is a Super Neo 29 type 1 control panel. I know that reproductions exist, but I have a thing for only using original control panels. So as luck would have it I nabbed one off YAJ, but I have my work cut out for me...
  17. dewmansnk

    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    Picking up on this again, with the power supply recapped its time to reinstall the wiring harness, coin box and power supply. Next, we recap the monitor chassis and give it a good brush with a large paintbrush I have just for dusting. Some Krud Kutter on a rag will go a long way to...
  18. dewmansnk

    WTB: MS9 Yoke Flip Switch

    I have always wondered if switching it while it was on would just enable some protection circuit and shut down the deflection without an issue. Guess we have at least one example where it didn't cause total destruction of the HOT. Inductors don't like it when you suddenly stop the flow of...
  19. dewmansnk

    WTB: MS9 Yoke Flip Switch

    Yeah as long as you are very careful to never switch it while its on, then you should be fine. Check the wire jacket, it should have a voltage rating printed on it. The horizontal deflection (red, blue) are the only wires of real concern. The yoke is usually setup so the red wire is rated...