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    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Not to get all sappy, but this is a really good example of 2 helpful, respectful people in the community doing good and wanting the best for everyone here. This is the kind of thing that makes A-P awesome.
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    WTB: Bomberman / Bomberman World PCBs

    PM sent to both of you for details. Thanks!
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    WTB: Bomberman / Bomberman World PCBs

    Title says it all - international variants are ok. Original hardware please, would prefer no bootlegs
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    Hi from California

    Hey Mike, welcome! 1. Your grandma is a legend. 2. I’m in a similar place re: wanting to learn to repair boards. @dos and others gave me some helpful info in this thread if you want to check it out:
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    Welcome fellow Angeleno! Whereabouts in LA are you located?
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    Noob questions: PCB repair - opinions welcome

    I have yet to look too deeply into ROM burners and I don’t know what a UV eraser is but I’m definitely going to look! 🤪 That’s what I’m thinking - grab any old board and just replace the caps to start or something. Good suggestion! I was looking at the FR-301 as a cheaper option so I’m glad to...
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    Noob questions: PCB repair - opinions welcome

    @dos Huge thanks for your thoughtful reply. I’ve soldered here and there in years past (up until I bricked a PS2 trying to mod it 😭), but definitely need to brush up on it. Was looking into Hakkos and I’ve seen others say that’s the way to go, too. Very much appreciate your recommendations...
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    Noob questions: PCB repair - opinions welcome

    Hi all - I’ve recently reignited my interest in arcade hardware, cabs, and PCBs after many years of passively following the space and a few years away. I’ve bought a few things from users here (lovely forum and people here) and wanted to ask some beginner level questions as I get back into it...
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    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    This is one of my favorite threads on A-P. Nice job @Joko3
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    [FS] bunch of crap, but the money goes to Ukraine (sold out!)

    @ekorz I’ll take the Capcom IO and add another $50 on top for Ukraine if it’s still available
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    Wtt m72 for punisher

    It’s funny, I’m the opposite - don’t mind repro labels but I’m wary of infinikey’d stuff. Makes no sense! 😂
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    Traded: CPS2 Black Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary

    I’ve not seen a single-board version of this one before. Good luck with the trade!
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    Positive feedback for ekorz!

    Doubling up on this one - recent received Zero Team from ekorz packed beautifully and arrived super quick. Thanks again @ekorz
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    Game Saru cab imports - Open for orders (updated 8/13/2022)

    The $9k egrets aren’t real. It was a joke
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    Sold:battle garegga,Sold out

    FYI @imbord3rlin3 has a Garegga boot up for sale in his sales thread
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    SOLD: Super Neo 29

    Great price! GLWS
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    FS:CPS2 PCB with shell,test ok

    FYI the seller listed these on Alibaba for some reason? I was PMing and all of a sudden they linked me to a listing.