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  1. fuzzbuddy

    [SOLD] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    This was 100% the solution! Thank you! :)
  2. fuzzbuddy

    [SOLD] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    @RGB I've been using the Reco for many years (all different versions except the original). Amazing device which works with hundreds of my PCBs! I recently tried Chouji Meikyuu Legion, but it has strange behaviour with the Reco - auto fire doesn't work. If you enable auto on a button and hold...
  3. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Various PCBs (good money paid - no lowballing)

    Looking for these PCBs: X-Men Konami (JPN) City Connection Undercover Cops (JPN) Gunball/Nitroball Solomon's Key (JPN) Gemini Wing (JPN) Cuebrick (JPN) I'm after clean examples without repairs/patch wires.
  4. fuzzbuddy

    PCBs for sale (01/06/2022)

    I wanted to echo the above. A great seller and PCB wizard! I just noticed Sailor Moon for sale - that's one of the cleanest Sailor Moon PCBs I've seen :love:
  5. fuzzbuddy

    Fs: Pcb´s

    I'll take X-men if it's Japanese :)
  6. fuzzbuddy

    CAVE CV1000B ; Boots to Black Screen, No Video, No Sound

    Sorry dude. Chasing up my friend for the info!
  7. fuzzbuddy

    CAVE CV1000B ; Boots to Black Screen, No Video, No Sound

    There's a really good repair guy in Japan. Works magic apparently. I'll try to find out who it is.
  8. fuzzbuddy

    FS: USAAF Mustang PCB - JPN Region NMK

    Nice Clean PCB with no repairs - £550 shipped worldwide (SOLD)
  9. fuzzbuddy

    FS: Pnickies PCB Capcom CPS1

    £650+shipping (clean with no repairs)
  10. fuzzbuddy

    FS: Poly-Net Warriors PCB+Flyer (new sound Hybrid) Konami

    Pristine Poly-Net Warriors PCB - Brand new Sound Hybrid - Original Flyer - Corstat Included £1300 shipped workdwide (UPS Express)
  11. fuzzbuddy

    FS: Aero City NOS Control Panel Overlay

    Brand new NOS Aerocity overlay - Asking £250:
  12. fuzzbuddy

    FS: Taito Canary Original Control Panels

    £250 shipped (worldwide) together.
  13. fuzzbuddy

    [Price check] Some random PCB's and control panels

    PM'd about X-men earlier :) after a clean Japanese board (when you get a valuation you're happy with).
  14. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Konami X-Men PCB

    Looking for the Japanese region X-Men PCB. Also got a few bits for trade.
  15. fuzzbuddy

    Joko Re-Introduction, YAJ/Akiba Shopping Service Offer

    +1 for my good man Joey! Bullet proof packaging and handles your stuff with baby gloves :) Very accomodating. MAXIMUM AWESOME!!
  16. fuzzbuddy

    FS: Taito Vewlix Repro Marquee Lights - Pre-Orders (CLOSED)

    Didn't realise there was an "official" thread for these :( Can I still get 2 which I showed interest for in the other thread, please?
  17. fuzzbuddy

    WTB: Deathsmiles 2 art

    Looking for the A4 art sheet specifically, but I'll buy a full art set if anyone has one.