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  1. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Caps

    I saw that but some of the hand writing is hard to read or X'd out. I think I found what I need but we'll see.
  2. HardAzRockz

    HA13001 Audio Amp Heat Sink

    I was wondering the same thing. If all else fails I plan on buying one of these by cutting, removing some fins and drill the holes.
  3. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Caps

    I'm currently working on an A board that had the Chinese audio job on one of those unpopulated A boards. I just need a values of the 3 SMD capacitors and some replacement Ferrite beads. If anyone know I would appreciate it. Thank
  4. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Volume Potentiometer Replacement

    Worked great! Hope this helped someone else.
  5. HardAzRockz

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    When will these be available?
  6. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Any updates on the release of the DFO for the Multi? I've been holding out on assembly until it's installed.
  7. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Not sure why i'm not seeing it, I tried keywords like CPS1 and such. nothing.
  8. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Volume Potentiometer Replacement

    Thank you sir!
  9. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Volume Potentiometer Replacement

    I guess no one knows.....
  10. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    I just got my multi. Is there a rollup pack?
  11. HardAzRockz

    CPS1 Volume Potentiometer Replacement

    Can someone please tell me what potentiometer is a replacement for the volume pot. I tried googling the CPS1 Volume Pot. and no results. Thanks
  12. HardAzRockz

    CPS1-Pi Multi Selector with OLED

    I'm being able to switch your games wireless. Fromy a phone or tablet
  13. HardAzRockz

    SegaC2-Pi Multi Selector with OLED

    Thanks Blade. Can't wait to get this system and your selector. Appreciate this.
  14. HardAzRockz

    SegaSTV-Pi Multi Selector with OLED

    Thank you Blade! You're the best!
  15. HardAzRockz

    Get your MultiMVS Here:

    Any word on the AES version?
  16. HardAzRockz

    Positive feedback for Fluffy

    Thanks Fluffy. Can't wait to build these PGM Cave carts. Quick shipping too. You're the best:)
  17. HardAzRockz

    Positive feedback for Semload

    Thank You for the beautiful Sega 16 multi case! Outstanding work sir!
  18. HardAzRockz

    Sega System 18 need help please!

    Thanks for the help. I've replaced every rom. I will check what you suggested.
  19. HardAzRockz

    FOUND: CPS3 simm 128mb x1

    sorry only 64