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    Hello from barcelona

    I m miquel from barcelona. I collect mvs and arcade pcb (starting). I now have 13 pcb and 82 mvs amd some PGM stuff. I have an spanish arcade cabinet 29’. Also collecting for snintendo, nintendo nes, famicom an pc engine. Leting sega saturn go. Also game boy fan. I had made some business with...
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    Neo geo mvs

    Everithing perfect for the samuray shodom 3. Thanks a lot @ArcSys101
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    PGM game card and seta game card

    I had sens you a provate email thanks
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    Neo Geo MVS Carts SNK

    I had done bussines recently with @MegaIndo we boygh 3 mvs games. i it was a great experience in every way, the comunicatiin bideos of the games, envelope and protection of the product. I can only say that i and ny friend bought sone god games and we are so gratefull. Happy in every aspect...