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    Seimitsu LS30 Rotary Joystick/Spinner: Teardown / Refurb / Rebuild / Maintenance Thread

    Love the LS30 joysticks, I've had a couple over the years where the rotary shaft ( ) was rusted/fused to the outer rotary shaft sleeve ( ). Even after spraying WD-40...
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    Midnight Resistance no rotary hack

    Could always hold out for a single rotary joystick, quite a few games depend on switch based position rotary (12 position) unlike Cal 50 which is optical rotary (24 position encoder).
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    Spinner Joystick Pre-Order

    Thank you for all the work by everyone to reproduce these, ordered two!
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    Circuit Basics video series

    Love this series, thanks for making it!
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    EPROM Eraser alternatives?

    Interesting thread, had no idea those germicidal uv bulbs (non-ozone) would work (bought them for Covid room sterilization), I have a couple 36W uvc lamps. Super hazardous for humans/plants/animals, but haven't tried it for eeproms :) Coospider UVC products -...
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    MiSTer FPGA

    +1, also a rotary game fan, I own all the rotary style sticks (and quite a few game pcb's) except for the Loop-24 for Cal 50 (hard to find), but I do own the optical Happ rotarys in place of the Loop-24. While I'm sure us rotary fans are in the minority, would be cool to see support for rotary...
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    WTB: Dynamo hs-5 cabinet

    If you want new, can get in the queue -