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  1. Psyko-M1

    WTB: Atari 2P Rampart, Neo Driftout MVS, and MK2 Sound Board

    I'm looking for the following... Atari 2P Rampart PCB FINALLY FOUND IN PORTUGAL!!! MVS Neo Driftout MK2 Sound Board Let me know. Thanks.
  2. Psyko-M1

    Dynamo HS 5 - NEO GEO 1 SLOT CABINET

    Solid price on an entry level cabinet for anybody looking to get into the hobby right here. GLWS
  3. Psyko-M1

    Ebay - Summer Garage Sale I got some stuff up for sale that ends tomorrow. I'm trying to make up bills and get in the black so I am having a garage sale of sorts. Expect a thread in the coming day of other juicy Arcade converters, video scalers, and more Bidding all started low, so...
  4. Psyko-M1

    PC - Hyper Duel Kit. PCB/stickered OEM Box/Arts/Dips

    Hi AP. I want a house, and potentially some spare money for car upgrades or a nice New Astro City cabinet. I know some out there know I'm liquidating a bit of my stockpile (except my multiz) After last night, I've decided to potentially put one of my "Crown Jewels" on the line. While I have a...
  5. Psyko-M1

    SOLD : My Namco256 Auction Ending Tomorrow 02-27

    GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM GUNDAM TEeee-KKEN TeeeeE-KKEEEEN!!!! *to this music* Up for auction is one of my 256 kits with a shit-ton of games. I figured i'd drop this here in case anybody wants to fight for it. I started the auction at $300, and let er rip. The auction...
  6. Psyko-M1


    Ahoy everybody at Arcade Projects! I'm looking for a stupid little fighter called Karnov's Revenge aka Fighters History Dynamite. While I have a multi-cart, I figured I'd get a genuine MVS cart. PM me an offer of yours, and if acceptable, cash is yours today Paypal FnF. I've also been looking...
  7. Psyko-M1

    This NARC Bootleg tho... Saw this interesting NARC Bootleg triple stack + Rom sidecar board. These were based off of one-off hardware correct??? What a crazy looking Bootleg...
  8. Psyko-M1

    Trying to convert my US HyperFighting to JPN Turbo

    Ahoy everybody! So I scored a really crispy CPS1 DASH HyperFighting US board-stack. While I like Hyperfighting, I wanted the JPN "TURBO" roms. So I found some spare 27C4096 chips from my old CPS2 project, and re-purposed them. I burnt roms 21, 22, and 23. Socketed them in without issue. Now...
  9. Psyko-M1

    So, what exact system is my Metal Black??? Taito F1/F2? A/B??? I am confuse... Options?

    I see a lot of Rom boards for Taito F2 out there. Runark/Growl Ninja Kids Dino Rex Dead Connection Majestic Twelve etc. Example... So I got this Metal Black. I was under the assumption it was a Taito F1 platform board, but it's 2 pieces. System 16 doesn't really explain what it is outside...
  10. Psyko-M1

    FS: My Ebay Auctions Ending 12-09-19

    I got quite a few Pre-Xmas Auctions going on Ebay. 100% Profile: They end 7 days from now. I'm starting bidding 'fairly' low, so let's see what I'll get for any of it. You're all welcome to bid. If there's an offer up for it, hit me up with something...
  11. Psyko-M1

    Irem M92 Major Title 2 to In the Hunt Conversion HALP

    I got a Major Title and am trying to do the conversion for In the hunt. Im trying to figure out what's missing here. I've already done the jumper header conversions across the board for what's needed. Headers and jumpers were installed at the following locations and settings... J1: N J6: N J8...
  12. Psyko-M1

    WTB - Dancing Eyes

    So who's got a "Dancing Eyes" they wanna sell? My money can be yours. Let's talk.
  13. Psyko-M1

    PSYKO-M1's WTB Thread: Irem M92

    Reasonable pricing will be met with cash today. 10-16-2019 I'm looking for a suitable Irem M92 conversion candidate for testing. If anybody has one floating about, please let me know. Bonus if it's "In the Hunt" 10-28-2019 Taito X2 FOUND! Looking for a working Taito X2 for a multi project...
  14. Psyko-M1

    FS: Some Arcade PCBs

    WELCOME!!! Whadda-ya-bauuuy'n??? I got a couple items for sale going out the door, and will be posted here before I take them to an arcade swap meet this weekend. (With exception of the Turtles In Time board) I'm open to bulk offers for AP members. $120 SOLD Capcom 13 n 1 CPS1 Multi. This is...
  15. Psyko-M1

    Positive Feedback for YanoArcade : He Makes it Happen!

    Big ups to @YanoArcade for some PCB sales. Keep posting those odd games. They make for good stream fodder for my little Tuesday night's show. I'll be streaming this one tomorrow for sure. Thank you!
  16. Psyko-M1

    HALP! Can anybody help me Identify/source this component? (Blitz Seattle board)

    I received a Blitz 2000 Seattle board not too long ago, and noticed the color seemed off after firing it up. The board plays perfectly fine, but there seemed to be something off with the color. On screen colors seem to have some color-based artifacting like something is not getting adequate...
  17. Psyko-M1

    FS - June 4 - Couple of my PCB auctions ending TODAY No Reserve.

    Not sure if this is allowed but I have a couple fair auctions ending today. Everything has 10$ shipping, no reserves, no gougey outrageous prices, pure auctioning. In order of ending... Nebulus Ray Conversion (I think I miscategorized this one, as it's garnering a low price come and get it)...
  18. Psyko-M1

    Sega Model 2/3 A/B/C - CRX and how I stopped worrying and learned to love the bomb.

    Look at this thing! Look at it's glorious games! How in the hell do I wire one of these up? Well that's why I started this thread... I'm a n00b and wanna learn. Lets learn together. I bought a Model 2B CRX and know nothing about it outside of that it looks like it's a thicc stacked juicy...
  19. Psyko-M1

    Positive Feedback MuckyFingers

    Dude sold me a nice NetDimm kit for a Naomi netboot I'm building for my buddy's cabinet. He got it out to be stupid quick, well packaged, and at a good price. Thanks for the business.
  20. Psyko-M1

    Wiring a Sega Saturn to Jamma

    So last night I got my modded Saturn cook'n. After playing through the stack of delicious Japanese Shmups, I had an idea about wiring the Saturn to JAMMA. I don't see why it couldn't be done, so I got to reading. This seems like it's completely...