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  1. MetalliC

    NAOMI with Actel FPGA ?

    does anyone have NAOMI mobo like on the photo ? notice - it uses Actel FPGA instead of more common Altera FLEX
  2. MetalliC

    PGM2 games Vsync rates ?

    does anyone knows or may measure precise enough frame rates in PGM2 games ? (and its expected to be different in games like Oriental Legend 2, Knights of Valour 3 and KOF 98UMH) @GC8TECH maybe ?
  3. MetalliC

    any House of the Dead 2 mobo owners here ?

    have a couple of questions about it, which may help in this game cart to DIMM conversion, and maybe few other things.
  4. MetalliC

    One-stop place with all NAOMI game unlock codes and passwords ?

    anyone know such place in the net ? besides a bit here and quite old topic on (dead now) sega-naomi forum
  5. MetalliC

    original NAOMI/Chihiro Network PICs ?

    Hi. anyone have or seen real network security PICs for NAOMI or Chihiro games ? original Sega, not handmade.
  6. MetalliC

    Strike Fighter DLX and Derby Owners BIOSes

    does anyone know what BIOSes used in mentioned PCBs ? i.e. - Sega Strike Fighter, 3x multiboard which uses single ROM board - Derby Owners Club any version main unit, which is 2x multiboard with 2 ROM boards, satellite units interesting as well.