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  1. caius

    Every single board in this CPS1 stack is defective - repair thoughts please

    I think most (if not all) of the A-BOARDs have a bad 'CPS-A-01' ASIC, this chip is very prone to failure.
  2. caius

    Mitsubishi 'MA7054' reproduction

    Recently me and my mate @Hammy worked together on a custom chip reproduction project.The chip is marked 'MA7054' (manufactured by Mitsubishi as logo proves) and it's found on some Tecmo PCBs like World Cup '90 and Tehkan World Cup : The package is SIL, same of the 'MA7053' (reproduced as...
  3. caius

    Truxton II Graphics Issue (Resolved)

    Check the GP9001 ASIC and eventually reflow it.Check also the dynamic RAMs connected to it, they often fail.
  4. caius

    Namco 'CUS27' reproduction

    The 'CUS27' (or simply '27' as part marking says) is another custom IC found on Namco arcade PCBs of mid/late '80 like : Pac-land, Dragon Buster, Sky Kid, Metro-Cross and other pre-System 86 hardware System 86 hardware (Rolling Thunder, etc) System1 hardware (Splatterhouse, Galaga88...
  5. caius

    Konami '005924' reproduction

    The '005924' is another custom IC from Konami used on arcade PCBs of the mid / late 80s like : Nemesis hardware Twin 16 hardware Contra Jackal Combat School WEC Le Mans 24 The chip comes in a ceramic SIL package (11 pin) covered by epoxy : Technically speaking the '005924' is for main...
  6. caius

    Taito 'PC010SA' reproduction

    Another reproduction of a custom IC : the Taito 'PC010SA'.The orginal part comes in SIL14 package : It can be found on N.Y. Captor, The Legend of Kage, L.S.A. Squad, Tokio/Scramble Formation, Darius, Big Event Golf PCBs. 'RCAVictorCo' decapped the part and drawn schematics of the internal...
  7. caius

    [REPAIRED] Hyper Pacman DAC question

    The "KA12" is a rebadged Yamaha YM3012 DAC.The YM151 is always paired with a YM3012 in a typical application circuit design.
  8. caius

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    'The Thing' is already avaiable on my eBay and Tindie store, currently I'm restocking the parts.If you want you can join to the waitlist :
  9. caius

    'SNK I/O' reproduction

    Thanks.Yes, I sell them on eBay and Tindie.
  10. caius

    'SNK I/O' reproduction

    Recently I've been contacted by a couple of arcade collectors, both had a not working 'Prehistoric Isle in 1930' PCB (a shooter game originally developed and published by SNK in 1989) with a problem regarding a custom IC marked 'SNK IO'.In one PCB the chip was faulty, in the other it was...
  11. caius

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    'The Thing' , the FM Towns Marty FDD emulator, will be for sale very soon.I will do here a dedicated thread with pre-order list.Thanks for your intererest.
  12. caius

    RCDM-I1 resistor network

    Hi, I have reproduced this part.Contact me if you need one.Thanks.
  13. caius

    Namco ‘CUS130’ reproduction by Caius

    Is It the surface mounted one?
  14. caius

    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    This new set has been added to MAME :
  15. caius

    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    You misunderstood what @ShootTheCore said.He asked if CRC32 of his dumps match yours (and not if your dumps match the old MAME ones) CRC32 of the OBJ2U dumped by him matches your dump, plaese see snap attached from archive of your dumps.
  16. caius

    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    OBJ2U CRC32 matches the new dump, OBJ2L does not. Anyway, MAME dev said that he tried to load the new dumps under MAME and he gets a lot of GFX issue.He will compare now the dumps to see which are the differences.
  17. caius

    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    Dumps have been sent to a MAME dev for further analysis.
  18. caius

    'The Thing' - a FM Towns Marty FDD emulator

    'The Thing' will be soon for sale, recently the project undergone a re-design : I can put you on a pre-sale list if you are interested.
  19. caius

    Dead Kyukyoku Tiger board - Help needed [Solved]

    The capacitor involved in /RESET circuit should be the tantalum one @C21, try to replace it.