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  1. djsheep

    FS:MP01-IONA-JS Brand New

    US $27.00 | MP01-IONA-JS JVS-JAMMA I/O conversion board Retro Arcade Game Accessory DIY IO Board For JVS System
  2. djsheep

    Sony BKM-25P PAL Board for BVM Monitor Spares or Repair

    No problems. Thought if anyone is game enough to resurrect this it would be you.
  3. djsheep

    FS:MP01-IONA-JS Brand New

  4. djsheep

    FOR SALE: High Quality Vinyl Darksoft Multi Kit Labels: CPS-2, CPS-3, ST-V, F3, etc.

    Oligatory Monthly Bump. All labels available!
  5. djsheep

    WTB: Various PCBs (List updated) More Trades! 12/09/2022

    Hani in the Sky and Toilet kids on PCE are another two great “poo” games :)
  6. djsheep

    Taito Stools Group Order August 2022 - NorCal - COMPLETE!

    Awesome work on helping everyone out there with these @reclaimer
  7. djsheep

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    Welcome to the help desk forums!
  8. djsheep

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    Was speaking more-so about the “my orders taking too long” and “PM your order number to Axun” posts. Lol, no problems man. Carry on.
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    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    This thread truly is like Groundhog Day. Mods should consider a response at the end of this post and locking it.
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    New Australian Distributor

    ^ Thanks for the comments guys. Just a friendly heads up that the ST-V Multi $50 off sale ends tomorrow :)
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    Australian Roll Call / Registry / Deals Thread

    Any Aussies want to buy or trade for an OLED Switch? I bought this on launch when Metroid Dread dropped. Used it un-docked once for half an hour. It's lived its life in the dock and had only 35 hours of play on it. Neon Blue & Red Joycons (used once when undocked). Screen Protector installed...
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    FS: PCBs, P.C.Bz, Pee Cee Beez Nutz, Pee See B...

    Letting go of some things. Will probably post more in the coming weeks. No price policing, random conversations or any other bullshit in this thread PLEASE. Just PM me if you want to order or want more info/photos. Prices in EURO. Payment in Australian Dollars (converted with Payment...
  13. djsheep

    DARKSOFT What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    @xodaraP thanks for the ping. All my stock is reserved for the multis… if someone buys a kit without the C, I will have one however. @sheep_nova is worth pinging as he can get these from time to time.
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    Co-signing this… the nasty and neutral/passive aggressive posts need to fuckin’ stop. Grow up ladies.
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    Which toilet. I will hire @Joko3 to get it for me.
  16. djsheep

    Complete Original CPS3 Street Fighter III 3rd Strike game kit

    Hit up @Joko3 — he can most likely source you a super clean setup direct from Japan with all the required SIMMs. Generally much cheaper than it would be buying from people importing them and adding a premium.
  17. djsheep

    DARKSOFT Taito F3. Get your cart here

    Don’t forget AU @Darksoft :)